Dragon Boy Adopt ($4 open) by SillyGilly

Dragon Boy Adopt ($4 open)


6 December 2018 at 07:15:51 MST

This adopt is $4 USD you get the unwatermarked version when you buy

-You can resell, trade, etc. I don't care
-You can change the design to fit your tastes more these adopts have no backstory/name/etc.
-You may NOT use my art etc. for commercial purposes (branding, things like that)
-You don't have to credit me but it is appreciated
-paypal only, I use paypal.me

Any previous agreement on any adopt still stands, I'm just changing my buying rules from this point forward.
-Do not offer me points: I don't use points I don't view them as fair trade/money/etc. and I don't use them.
-Art offers are usually declined, I do make exceptions; not because I don't like your art but I sort of need money to live.
-Make sure you can pay when you buy (this has been a problem in the past)
-I DO accept money offers and cut deals and you can try to haggle me down but please keep in mind for stuff near the $1-$2 range I will give you a flat out no.

If you rather use toyhouse; want a character you bought transferred to you there my toyhouse is @/sillygilly

I do customs and commissions, and make bases please pm for more information if you'e interested

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