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Hello! Thanks for looking at my page ❤︎

I'm pretty low energy and sleepy all the time, people think it's intimidating sometimes; I'm actually really calm and sort of simple I promise-- hdsjhfdsdkj

I enjoy doing character designing, illustration, and digital art as a hobby. I am a pysch, fine arts, and art history student and oil painting is my specialty; If I could I would live on a sunny hill in the country and paint all day. I have a pet chicken named pubbers and I love her very much!

I do commissions to make extra money alongside my job. I tend to work with other peoples price ranges since not everyone can afford an expensive commission; My full commission information can be found here. I keep it in a google drive doc to make editing easier for myself. I also do stuff outside of the listed items, basically, you can ask me for anything and I'm likely not to say no unless the work/price don't match up. I will say with 100% certainty I don't do nsfw/kink/fetish commissions.

Get two sketches OR designs with every coffee you donate to my KoFi
(more info on my KoFi Profile)

Some of my art has older watermarks on it from when I had different names


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Free Badges (2 slots open)

I'm doing two free badges so I can add examples to my commission sheet I'm currently reworking

-traditional (marker)
-full color + shading

(I have no current examples to offer, yes I will mail these to you if you want me to)

Its first come first serve, make sure you have a ready reference for me please!

This is not going to be something I offer or post about often outside of raffles I do on my twitter, sorry for any inconveniance 🙇

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Full Body Colored Sketch

'full color' 'sketchy'
from $ 3.00
to $ 3.00
add  'full color' 'shaded' 'extra detailed'
from $ 9.00
to $ 9.00
add  'full color' 'shaded' 'sketchy'
from $ 6.00
to $ 6.00

My main commission sheet being updated for now so the link isn't here-- commissions are on a person to person basis, for now, feel free to PM me! I do have a few different commission option up just for those who don't want anything too detailed or crazy-- and with set prices they are related to the one's I offer on my KoFi/are the same prices.

My design/sketch commissions on KoFi are open there are only three options-- check out my KoFi link on my profile there's more info on my KoFi profile.

TBA to the options:
-laminated badges (digital or traditional)
-needle felted chibi