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Fur and Feathers by SilentRavyn

Fur and Feathers


A timber wolf races through a mountain valley with his hawk friend by his side :)

This piece has a bit of history. I originally drew the sketch back in 2009, and even went so far as to transfer it to watercolour paper and ink it. Then it went in the drawer and I forgot about it for a decade. I started working on it again in 2019, but it kept getting placed on the backburner as I had other work to do. I think the complex background kept putting me off, but I was finally able to finish it at the end of 2020. Kind of surreal that I was actually able to complete it, 11 years after the start. I have a couple other old pieces I'd like to finish sometime, but hopefully it won't be such an ordeal as this one!

I used this piece to film a frisket tutorial, so hopefully I'll be able to post that sometime soon!

The original of this piece will be auctioned in the next large furry con I can attend (possibly AC 2022). Prints can be purchased here:

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    Wow, I can't imagine following through with an image started over 10 years ago. That's honestly impressive all on its own! And the fact that it came out looking beautiful is certainly a plus! Great job finishing this.