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Cross Fox Fursuit - For Sale! by SilentRavyn

Cross Fox Fursuit - For Sale!


1 April 2019 at 17:45:46 MDT

Finally after returning to my studio I was able to make another fursuit! This guy was a lot of fun, and I tried a few new techniques and features, particularly magnetic poseables. I think I'm improving a bit with each creation.

I've always loved the dramatic colours of the cross fox. I loved bringing this one to life.

More photos can be found here:


  • Balaclava based head, very roomy around the face, one size should fit most
  • 4-fingered paws with big, plush claws and squishy, stuffed paw pads
  • Extra fluffy 2.5' tail
  • Follow-me eyes with large mesh irises for good vision
  • Squishy, plush nose with pickable nostrils
  • Poseable tongue using magnets and velcro (can make it short or long, or licking side of muzzle)
  • Poseable magnetic eyebrows, to change expression
  • Head fluff is currently magnetic and removable, but I can affix it permanently if the buyer prefers
  • Made using only soft materials, including stuffed minky teeth, to give it a plush look and feel
  • 9 different colours and lengths of fur, very soft

This suit could be yours! It's available for auction on the Dealer's Den, with ladder options to make it a full suit:

cross fox grey gray dark fursuit fursuiting head handpaws paws partial auction minky soft squishy nose poseable tongue follow-me eyes claws costume mask

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