Creature Adopts: One: PRICE DROP! by Silenceartwork

Creature Adopts: One: PRICE DROP!


14 July 2014 at 17:01:01 MDT

NOTE THE PRICES HAVE DROPPED! I didnt want to but there was no interest :c

I want to get back into creature concept art! SO, Im going to do a batch of custom adoptables and see how that goes again.

Please be aware that the creatures will only follow the pattern on the egg a bit, they wont look the same unless otherwise stated.

Please comment with the egg number and the word 'claimed', it will be yours. You will have 24 hours to pay. If you do not in that time period, the egg will go back up for adoption.

ONE:: Available
THREE Available

Base: 20$. This will include a full body single pose
Additional poses-10$
Chibi: 5$
Clothing: 15$ upward
Additional animals: 2$ per

All adoptable owners will retain the full rights to the character, allowing you to use them in future artwork as you see fit. But you may not resell the character or drastically alter it. All adoptable owners will receieve a future discount of the creature concept in future artwork by me, the artist.

Buyer will fill out this form:

-feral, humanoid, fully human, robotic, horror(IE, silent hill type, gore, etc), mythical(naga, taur, dragon) or mix(robotic taur). You may only claim two.
-Adult reference or clean
-You may pick up to two base animals, real or not, for your adoptable
-Five to ten personality traits which will sculpt the creature

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    Damn, wish I had some spare cash! These look pretty awesome! Good luck with them

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      Aw thank you! Means a lot coming from some a creative mind as your own 8D

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        Ahah shucks. Can't wait to see what these turn into!

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      When I first saw these they reminded me of the ones you did :D

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        Haha I'm glad other people are doing them. They're a lot of fun!