Muse: Whats this?! by Silenceartwork

Muse: Whats this?!


17 February 2014 at 17:09:03 MST

This little fellow has found an idea! <3

This musebeast is up for adoption for the price of 15$. You get the non-watermarked large version and the rights to use the creature/character to your hearts content EXCEPT reselling it.

Particular Muse Beast Facts:
Owner: Thescaleybard
Sex: Up to buyer
Creature type: aquatic land
Personality points: Hyper curious, aware, interested in bright glowy objects and insects. Favorite food: non-cooked instant noodles.

About muse beasts:
They are beings who take on the gender their creator prefers, able to switch from tiny hand sized creatures to the same size as their creator, they speak in every language(including those not yet known) and see in different shades of time. Their life depends on their creator, if their creator dies, so do they.

Their primary job is to hold onto ideas, stuffing them inside their stomach and storing them for later for their creators. The more ideas the fatter they tend to get.

Muse beasts are extremely protective of ideas, they enjoy nothing more than curling around the glowing orbs, purring the night away.----

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    This would be quite a fascinating creature for a race of scholars, or even a war advisor. Hmmm.... you tempt me, dear Damien. ;)