Support me on Patreon! by Sigil

Support me on Patreon!


12 May 2015 at 21:09:27 MDT

Hello, my followers! I'm going to take this opportunity to talk about my art offerings, and how to receive work from me in the future.

Full Commissions and YCH:
Auction Only

Themed Commissions, both full color and colored sketches:
Limited slots/Patreon

Adoptables/Premade characters:
Flat pricing - I'm still deciding how to handle this, exactly. Probably via a permalinked Tumblr post?

I'm not going to be attending any conventions for the foreseeable future as well, so apologies to anyone looking forward to seeing me at a con.

I do have a day job now, so my time for art has become pretty limited. I am going to be moving over to more engagement through Patreon. I really like that platform, and having the very tiny paywall has made me feel a lot more comfortable about sharing things about my life, process and various things.

I will still be posting finished art on FA/Weasyl and also adding in some of my better sketches/fanart on Tumblr. Patreon is what you want to follow if you care about my personal sketches, blogs and if you want any feedback on my personal work, or guaranteed commission slots.

Thank you guys for all your years of support and I'm really looking forward to this new chapter in my life where I'm able to explore and grow.


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