Salem SFW-ish ref by SidFishes

Salem SFW-ish ref


19 May 2016 at 19:45:14 MDT

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Well, Salem finally has a ref and had a face lift. I actually had a ref sitting around, but it was ugly and I hated it, and I was hating him because his colors were ugly too hahahaha

Monster bat surviving on internet porn, 80s anime and top ramen. Makes music.

*Dude, don't sweat getting his clothes 100% it's just a starting point.
*No dog nose/face
*Back wings only
*He isn't black, he's a bunch of dark grays.
*For the gore crew, bones and teeth are that lilac color. Meat and blood is blue. Adipose tissue is hella purple. "Reds" are blue, "yellows" are purple if you're tackling guts.
*Odds are if you're drawing him with no shirt on it'll be for a nsfw pic, but if somehow it isn't I still want all of his nips because there's nothing inherently sexual about nipples.

Not a cboy
Not a cuntboy
Not intersex
Not a "vagentleman"
Not trans.

Just a dude with a vagina. I don't use any fancy labeling to describe his gender. He just is who he is. Just especially don't use cuntboy or anything like it.