commission- crypticsorrow by sickingfucking

commission- crypticsorrow


17 June 2014 at 17:40:47 MDT

commission for crypticsorrow! i hope its okay augghh my internet is being crappy again and i cant open my email for NOTHIN

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    I need this in my collection plz v
    Soooooo still in love with this marvelous piece you ddiiddd of my bab ;v; implodes

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      EEKKK you're so welcome ;;w;; i'm sooo sorry for the ridiculous wait i've never had my internet be so shitty like it has been lately auugh.... he was a DELIGHT to draw tho w!!!!!

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        Its okay, I dont mind waiting for the things I want, you srsly did an amazing job with him and the color palette aaahhhhh it just makes me smile everytime I see this little piece of him <3

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          eeekkk i'm so glad ;;w;; i have your other commish almost done as well, but i'm in japan now so i can only work on it in small bits ;o; i hope that's okay!! i can show you a wip if you like!

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            its okay, I read about it in tumblr xD
            Totally fine with me, I am a very patient person and wips are always loved!

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              here you are o auughh im so sorry for it being so late i feel so guilty;;;; i havent had internet at home for like. two months so -w-;;;; you are a saint for your patience omg

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                haha srsly, dont worry at all! As long as you haven't forgotten and having a good time in Japan /creepsstalk/, it's enough for me. xD

                I am so damn excited to see that finished, it truly made me smile that sneak peek made me smile and rest more soundly after such a stupid long day full of responsabilities ^o^)/ ~~<3 thank you very kindly!