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Hello there, people. I'm Shukin, your friendly neighbourhood fox!

I'm brazilian, which means English isn't my main language, even though I do my best to try minimize my mistakes. If you find anything wrong with any text of mine, please correct me, as language learning is a continuous process and I'd be glad if you all helped me with it.
I'm always happy to answer each message that is sent to me, so feel free to comment, to shout and to note me that I'll be glad to answer as soon as possible!






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Want to Commission Me?


Hello! Welcome to my commissioning journal / instructions guide! It's a simple process, but it might need some guidance for those who aren't used to or can't find my commissioning information!

This is also made with the express purpose of linking from my commissioned submissions, so that you guys know that I'm available!


So you want to commission me? That's really nice of you! The first step is to read my Terms of Service. They explain as best as I'm able my conditions for starting a commission and how they work after starting, like, for example, how will payment work and what is required for you to send me before I draw something for you. It's pretty simple and easy to read, so I don't think you guys will have any problem with that.

After reading and agreeing with my Terms of Service, you need to read my Price List. There, it's explained how I'll charge you, so that you don't have any surprises when you send me your inquiry. It's explained very well and very detailed how I do the math for reaching a fair price, and it's important for you to understand what are my types of commission. If there's something you want that's not described there, please ask! I'd be happy to give you a quote!


With that out of the way, let's start with the actual commissioning process! First of all, send me a note with the Commission Inquiry Sheet, that I'll copy here for practicity:

CHARACTER SHEET: (Direct links to the character’s sheets, please. Preferably unshaded and/or with a color pallete)
COMMISSION TYPE: (Specify what kind of drawing you want from the price list)
DETAILS: (Be detailed as possible, with what pose you want, what is the background, expressions, the whole thing. Write something about the character’s personality if the Character Sheet does not have anything)
PAYPAL: (I’ll send you an invoice, so put your Paypal email here)

After you send me this note, we'll start the commissioning process. I'll answer you with a quote and, if you agree with it, I'll send you the invoice with the chosen payment method.
With that paid, you'll be added to my Commissioning Slots & Progress List, where you'll be able to check out how your most recent version of the drawing is coming out! You can see that there's actually some colored tags on the submissions, and this is their meaning:

RED means the commission is actually in progress, and I'm currently working on it as we're speaking! It's nice to know that your commission is being worked on!
ORANGE means the commission is reserved and paid, but I'm not working on immediately, usually because of my policy of working on a single commission from start to finish, which makes their delivery faster!
PURPLE means the commission is reserved, but not paid yet. This is made for some cases where you want me to reserve a spot for you, but I'm only doing this for previous successful commissioners, as I'm guaranteed of their quality.
GREEN means go! These are open slots, which means I'm completely free for a new commission! If you see a green slot, feel free to note me that I might start on your commission immediately!
I don't have a limited slot on my commissioning process: I reserve myself to a maximum of four already paid commissions at the same time because it's less time of wait for you guys and it's better for me to plan myself around it! Even if there's no "open slot" on my Commissioning List & Progress List, feel free to send me an inquiry! I'll still answer you as soon as possible and I'll add your request to the Waiting list!

Now that that's settled up, please do tell me if you liked this information!
I'll happily answer you!

Thanks for your time!

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    No problems, I like your art style :) And I sure will, I find it fascinating how you can get a sense of the artist as a person based on the subject matter range displayed in their galleries ^.^

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      Thanks for all the favorites! I'm really happy you enjoyed my art! Well, it's actually quite interesting to try to understand who the artist is based on their drawings. I'm curious, did you reach any results with me? XD

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        Well, I can at least tell you have an interesting subject matter choice... Your characters seem to like having fun :)

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          What's more important than to have a little fun, am I right? XD

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            You certainly are :3

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    Thanks for the follow <3

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      I'm the one that should thank you for the quality of your pieces! I already follow you on FA, finding you here was a great surprise! I love the way you draw the Asari and it's an inspiration how you color and shade your artwork. I sure hope to see more of you here, there or anywhere!

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        Aaaw ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) Will defo be more