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Parody Lyrics - She’ll Always Be “Derpy” To Me by ShujinTribble

She’ll Always Be “Derpy” To Me
An MLP Parody Song by @MLP_LG_Icarus
Based on “She’s Always a Woman to Me” by Billy Foal

She disarms with a smile, looks around with her eye
She accepts her mistakes and will not tell a lie
And her heart will reveal what is so plain to see...
Officially "Ditsy", she'll always be "Derpy" to me!

She can hide in a crowd, peeking out from the masses
Do you see her reclining on picnic field grasses?
When your gaze crosses over her, we’ll hear you SQUEE!
Rebranded as "Muffins", she'll always be "Derpy" to me!

Ohhh... she takes care of herself
She takes wing if she wants, she's a flier on high
Ohhh... and she’d never give out
And she’d never give in! (Hasbro give her a bye!)

She can bounce on a cloud when the moment amuses
and she can giggle and nom all the baked goods she chooses
But just watch for the lightning, 'till you just can't see.
Still calling her "Derpy", though “Blank” in the … C-C-G!


Ohhh... She’s been ship’d with the Doc
She can print up invites... Well, at least she can try
Ohhh... Locked the Mane-6 out tight,
Flameless fireworks bright, Wont they give her a bye?

She is constantly fought over by Broney Masses...
Because she’s a bit broken, just like all we as.
She’ll deliver pianos, despite gravity
Call her "Ditsy" or “Muffins” or even a BLANK name,
she'll always be "Derpy" to me!

Parody Lyrics - She’ll Always Be “Derpy” To Me


I started on this a LONG time ago - got in my head to write some (MLP) Pony Parody Lyrics to go along with various 70's / 80's songs and this was one of the first I got started with. As you might tell it has been heavily influenced by Derpy's checkered past and, of course, the Episode 100 Spectacular. I'd like to think I pulled off the feeling well enough.

I, of course, look forward to any / all suggestions on improvements for later.
The audio file is not uploaded since I used OGG Vorbis but can be downloaded here:

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    She's not the only one who's always derpy, ya goof... <3

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      This is true... But it was worth it for me. (^_^) (Gooses!)