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Love From a Single Touch by shorty-antics-27

Love From a Single Touch


16 January 2015 at 11:16:34 MST

A year old sketch is now finished! ahaha.

Rose is very sensitive about her weight. She has been made fun of and also felt worthless countless times because of not being thin or "fit". Most of this came from her ex. Even worse when she's exposed.

So, a touch like this from Pierce means a LOT to her.
I still dunno WHY he's smiling. He's not smiling because of what he's doing. This just feels very natural to him, so it is a little surprising to him to suddenly get a hug.

Only bad thing is if she did show she was getting skinnier, Pierce would have a fit. So he's not ALL good. Females of his kind are normally more plump, so her like this looks healthy to Pierce. Getting skinnier would worry him a lot.

This scene is a few months into their relationship. It's also shortly after (maybe a week or so) she had asked Pierce to rip off the scar she had gotten from her ex. Yes, one day I'll show that, so no need to ask. lol

Also yesterday was Rose's birthday, so that's why I finished this. ;P

Warning: do not make this about yourself or talk sexually.

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    Lovely chubby redhead! <3

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    Awww! This is so cute!!

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    well with those teeth it'd kinda be hard not to smile i think lol.
    AWWWWWWWW XD the best show of love is the unexpected kind. XD