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Confession of Love by shorty-antics-27

Confession of Love


20 December 2015 at 09:20:56 MST


It has been a full week; one full week since Quill has met the man of his dreams: Sol. The problem was that he was too shy to confess. In truth, he fell for this man the second Sol smiled that first day. It was something he just could not forget . . . something no other male has done to him before.

Sol has done a lot for Quill so far. That first day he (Quill) had been chased by something large. He had twisted his ankle somehow and fell, getting scrapped up, but before the creature could even get close, Sol came out of nowhere and scared it away. Quill couldn’t walk, so Sol carried him all the way back to his (Sol’s) home. That made Quill so flustered! First nice guy he ever meets and then he was carried princess-style.

The following days Sol had tended to Quill’s wounds and needs. They talked a lot during that time as well, getting to know each other, and it seemed that Sol enjoyed it as well. Any time Quill was even close to Sol, he became red in the face with his heart always racing. So kind . . . so beautiful . . . he couldn’t believe he finally met someone who wasn’t scared away by his presence alone.

But Quill never brought up his feelings towards Sol . . . Maybe that would soon change . . .

With that week gone, Quill felt immensely emotional. He didn’t know how to talk to Sol steadily anymore. His feelings for him were so strong that he couldn’t handle him not knowing anymore. It was scary, however. He’s so nice, but what if Quill is rejected? What if Sol actually only likes females? Sol hadn’t once intentionally flirted with Quill, nor did he touch him in any sensual way. He was simply very nice . . ., in which he was nice to everyone that lived in the village as well. He treated everyone the same. This was terrifying . . .

It was becoming dark quickly that summer day. Sol had set a fire in his fireplace since it tends to get cold at night.

“Quill, I’ll need to go hunting again for the village. The others are waiting outside already. Do you need anything before I go?”

Quill was sitting on the small bed. His ankle was completely healed so he was able to walk again, but Sol hadn’t asked him to leave. Sol had hunted a few days earlier as well, so Quill knew what this was all about, but he didn’t like being alone for a few hours at a time, even though he had been alone most of his life.

He was twiddling with his hands, looking down at them. “N-no . . . I’m okay.” Thoughts swam through his mind. How can he even bring this up? His heart ached—he needed to know!

“Alright, then I’ll be back in a few hours.” He turned to open the door from the little cabin they were in.

“WAIT!” Quill got up quickly . . . too quickly, actually. He wobbled, almost falling over.
“?!” Sol moved over and caught Quill in time, holding him up. “You shouldn’t get up so fast. You may pass out.”
“I-I’m sorry . . .”
“It’s okay. Did you need something?”
Quill was able to stand up straight now, the faint feeling gone. But now his face was extra red and sweat began to bead on his fur. He couldn’t slow his heart.
“Yes . . . I . . .”
“Are you sick??” Sol saw how quickly Quill’s face was changing in color and how wet he looked.
“N-no, I’m fine . . . I . . .”
“I can get a wet cloth for you!” He turned, ready to leave to try to find something to cool Quill down.
“Sol!” Quill grabbed his arm, causing Sol to turn back around. Without giving much thought he leaned in and pressed his lips against Sol’s firmly.

They stood there for several seconds. Sol made no attempt to push him away, but he was utterly shocked; his eyes were wide, his stance felt as if he wanted to get away, and he was motionless. Quill lingered, then finally pulled back, slowly opening his eyes.
“Quill . . .?” Sol’s expression wasn’t at all what Quill wanted to see. He looked confused, and almost as if he was scared.
“I . . . I really like you, Sol . . . I’ve always really liked you. You’re so nice . . . and . . . don’t push me away . . . and I think . . . that I’m in love with you . . . I . . . I want to be your mate . . .”
Sol’s expression only softened a little bit, though now it looked like he was upset.
“Quill . . .”
Quill’s eyes moistened up. He tried hard to hold back the tears. “If . . . if you don’t feel the same way . . . please just tell me . . . please . . .”
“ . . . I need time to think. I need to go hunt, too. I’m sorry, Quill. We’ll talk about this later. They are waiting for me.”
Sol turned to leave. Quill didn’t stop him. For once Sol did a very hurtful thing. But, for Sol, he really had to get out. It was so much at once. He didn’t even know that Quill had feelings for him like this, so it came as a huge shock.

Quill watched him leave, the door shutting behind him. It felt like his worst fear was now alive: he was rejected. The weight of his words and the look from his face came crashing down on him, making him burst into tears. He cried hard and began to tremble. Why did this have to happen? Sol said he had to think, but his expression said it all: he didn’t feel the same way. What thinking did he have to do? Why did he have to torture Quill like this? Just say it!

Quill cried for over an hour. He would have left but it was too dark for him to see. That only meant he had to wait for Sol to come back just to hear why Sol didn’t like him in that way. That would only crush him even more. He hated himself and the feelings he still had for Sol. This hurt way worse than a guy being angry with him as soon as they met. Pain ran through Quill’s body, mostly around his heart. He now really did feel sick.

He laid down on the cold floor away from the fireplace, facing the wall. One wing covered himself like a blanket and his tail curled in tightly in front of himself. He continued to tremble and with tears flowing down his cheeks, but his throat hurt too much to cry any more. What more could he do?

A few more hours went by. Quill was still awake, but he felt numb. His eyes had dried up and he just stared blankly at the wall. He felt like he’d never find love. Was Sol even going to come back? It now has been longer than last time. Maybe he ran away . . .
At that thought, the door slowly opened. Quill froze upon hearing that horrid sound. In walked Sol

“I’m sorry I took so long . . . Eh? Quill, are you okay . . .?” He walked over to him, crouching and put a hand to his shoulder. Quill shuddered.
“Yeah . . .” That was a lie.
“Can you sit up? I’d like to talk to you.”
Quill grit his teeth. He suddenly felt a wave of anger fall over him. He sat up, then turned towards him. Quill’s brows were furrowed and he looked angry.
“If you—“
Before Quill could even get out his frustrations at Sol, Sol cupped his face in his hands and brought him into a light kiss. Quill’s eyes grew wide, feeling frozen again. He was taken completely off guard. Was . . . was he kissing him? But . . .
Tears welled up in Quill’s eyes again and spilled over. Confusion took hold. Why did he . . .?
Sol pulled back, but only slightly. A small smile was on his face.
“I’m so sorry I left you like that. I’m sure I really hurt you for that . . . and I’m just so, so sorry. I needed that time to think it over. I’ll be honest: I was shocked when you kissed me and that you said you loved me. I really had no clue that’s how you felt. I just thought you were shy. And to tell you the truth, I thought I was straight.”
Sol paused, studying Quill’s face. Quill’s eyes were still wide and he stayed silent. He actually couldn’t get himself to talk; his throat was caught and he hurt.
“I was able to clearly think while away, especially on thinking on how I felt about you. You see, I’ve never been with anyone before. I didn’t feel there was a need. But this week with you, I think I do have an attraction towards you. I’ve not met someone like you before. I enjoy being around you, and talking to you. I have this strong want to BE around you. I didn’t really know what that meant before. I thought it was normal. But then you confessing like you did . . . that made me realize my own feelings. So, what I am trying to say is . . . I accept. I’ll be your mate.” Sol smiled wider.
Quill sucked in air, overcome with emotion once more, and threw himself at Sol, wrapping his arms around his neck.
“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I thought . . . !” He cried and trembled again. He felt like an idiot for doubting Sol like that, but he really was scared from his earlier reactions. But now . . . now everything felt right.
Sol hugged him back and let him cry. Once Quill was able to calm down, he pulled back but kept his hands at the back of Sol’s neck. They both smiled, then both gave a small laugh. From there they shared a real kiss together.

Quill’s dream had come true.

I cried while writing that. >3> I decided against having the story go NSFW so that the emotional side could stay true, but their time together here DOES become sexual… cuz Quill is needy. Sol doesn’t mind at least. xD

The picture actually started as a vent. I’ve had the picture in mind for a while now, but I was trying to work on commissions. The problem was that I had a really angry moment and was becoming upset with everything, so I just said, “fuck it” and started to draw this. I quickly calmed down and felt better.

These two make me super happy. <3

Sol lives in a log cabin that he built himself (though with the help of his best friend, Jack). Also the hunting thing is what he does for the village. Everyone who lives there has to do something to help out the community in order to live there. Sol does several other things as well, but every few days he goes hunting with a few other Volatikai (sometimes Pierce as well) to get meat for those who can only eat meat.
Now I can get back to commission work.

Also here, have a Quill song that relates:

Warning: please make your comments about the piece itself and not yourself. I don’t want to hear what has happened in your own relationships. It makes me uncomfortable; This piece is super personal to me after all. :c

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    Omg, omfg picture and story at the same time aaaaah! So many things for me to handle.

    Little Quill is the sweetest thing int he world, getting all scared and upset. At least things turned out so good to him. And omg Sol is such a nice guy, they are just perfect for each other.

    They make the cutest couple ever, I love them. Yay!

    Thanks for sharing ♥ ♥ ♥

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      HEEEEE. yisssss ;w; Quill is so lucky that Sol found him that one day. I still have to draw more of Sol in general. ahhh!



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    aww, such a sweet story! Quill is so adorable