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Confusion by shorty-antics-27



14 August 2015 at 09:45:55 MDT

If you don't know, shorty (this character) is supposed to be me.


I have a lot of feelings for someone again. I don't think they know, and I'm scared to even mention it. I feel that they don't feel the same way, so that's why I have to keep it to myself from them. No, I can't just ask and see how they feel, because if my thoughts really are true, that will be way worse than being in the dark about it.
It is harder, though, since this isn't just some crush. I'm sure this is love instead. I'm crying writing about this, but I feel like making an image like this will at least help me get some of my feelings out instead of all locked in.

I don't know what will come of this, but I can feel a little better getting it out...
I feel awkward with the thought of talking to my friends about it, so that's why I did this instead.

I just have to wait things out. :c

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    I've been there before, and frankly who hasn't :C My solution is to often be the best friend I can be and support the person that I have fallen for, that will help alleviate some desires/feelings in a healthy and helpful way.
    Best of luck!

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    Who wouldn't want to be with an amazing person like you!! I really hope everything turns out ok

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    I'm horrible with advice so I'll just add my support with a fav. <3 Good luck!

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    well im sure you are equally as adorable as this lil critter!
    and i second Gunny up there. be the best friend you can, and maybe the other person will catch a clue. <3