[A] 'Red' Panda Tail and Character Auction SOLD by ShortStackStudios

[A] 'Red' Panda Tail and Character Auction SOLD


18 November 2014 at 16:26:53 MST

This is an auction for this Red Panda Character SOLD

This winner of this auction will win rights to this character as well as have a tail made, matching said character. The tail will feature DF's Ivory, Olive, and Navy(Or Black fur, depending on what the winner would like more) fur. AS WELL AS A RED PANDA IRON ON PATCH MADE BY mangoislandcreations

Bidding will begin at $100, this will get you a THREE foot long tail. As the amount goes up, so will the length of the tail. At $150, the winner will get a FOUR foot long tail. At $200, the winner will receive a FIVE foot long tail OR the option of a 3 foot tail WITH paws made to fit the owner. If bidding goes above that, the winner will be allowed to choose what Fursuit part(s) they'd like to have including the tail. The tail will be filled with lightly packed Polyfil and have two belt loops made of either belting fabric OR elastics. The tail will also include a wire fur brush, replacement straps, AND the pictured full reference.

Bidding Starts at $100. Please bid in increments of $2. Please Bid under the comment saying BID HERE. If You have a comment, Please do so under the COMMENT HERE section.

Character originally made by Kait Art by Akkiria

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