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on 27 April 2018 at 10:45:02 MDT

I'm once again working on my laptop again. It's making me tired but at this point I feel kind of desperate. Have you guys ever feel this way? =3=

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Character Profile

Sketch, Colored
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Character Profiles

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Headshot, Bustshot, Bodyshot, Chibi
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Sketch, Colored
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Headshot,Bustshot,Fullbody, Chibi
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Soft Illustration

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Helloo and welcome to my commission page/art page.

Thank foremost for checking out my page and I hope you can give me a try at my commissions or even a simple art trade or a request.

My little events:

  • Art trades: just ask me.~
  • Fridays are half off~
  • 10% off when you recommend me to someone else.~
  • Holidays are 20% off~

Dos: ~OCs/Fanart
~Aliens ((Complexity will affect the price))
~Monsters((Complaxity will affect the price))

Don't: ~Explicit NSFW
~Racist/Offensive Themes
~Mechanical Beings((Cyborgs, androids, cars, or things with robotic parts))

Terms of Service

What you will receive:
-You will receive a high resolution PNG file electronically. If in any case you want a different file or a smaller size, please let me know.

Payments & Refunding:
-Payment MUST be paid in full before I begin your commission. After I receive full payment, I will start the commission. I take only Paypal. You can donate the full payment in the donation widget and for Paypal there will be a Paypal link. I will accept negotiations unless its for Airbrush art. ((Sorry..))

Permission & Reposting:
-By commissioning me, you allow me to post the finished artwork on DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media websites. Exceptions are possible but MUST be discussed beforehand. You as the commissioner, have the right to repost BUT must be credited back to me. My finished commissions can NOT be resold or distributed for profit.

Work Progress:
-During my work on my commission, I will show my progress in different stages depending on what you requested. I will show the sketch and the base colors before completion. If there are any altercations needed to be made, I strongly advise you to tell me when I show you an update. If you want to redo a pose or an entirely different picture needs to be changed, this will count as a redo and an extra fee will apply.


  • Refunds depend on how far I have done so far in the commission. I highly suggest asking before I start the commission but if it's during the commissions I give partial refunds. No refunds will be given after the completion of an image.

However, the event that I, the artist, cancels the commission, for whatever the reason may be, you will get a full refund regardless of the work is already done.

If you're paying by Paypal there maybe invoice fees. I will provide a calculator for you for fees.
Paypal calculator:

By commissioning me, you acknowledged to have read & agree with this Terms of Service

If you have any questions or concerns please comment or send me a email. I would love to answer.Thanks for reading.~

My links:
My email~
My Paypal~
Paypal Calculater~


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