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  • i do crossover rps , romances and so on.
  • R18+ in messages.
  • be polite to me.
  • respect my timezone (everybody has a life outside of this screen)
  • i also do age regression transformation in to baby role play
  • i even do mech pregnant and male pregnant role play as well
  • i do genderbend role plays too
  • age regression role plays


  • don't be god-like
  • kill my muse
  • be rude.
  • no death role play because i really hate that -no saying bad words to me or any one i care about on deviantart -also no bad comments on my art i worked hard on.

Characters i mainly role play as:
voltron legendary defender: shiro takashi
Brave Police J-decker: shadowmaru,duke fire,drillboy,dumpson,powerjoe,mccrane,GunMax,Goldran, And Deckerd
Legend of zelda hyrule warriors: Volga the dragon knight, sheik,linkle, link and midna the twilight princess
the ancient magu's bride: elias ainsworth
mystery skulls ghost: arthur kingsmen and mystery
transformers :steeljaw, wildbreak,knockout, grimlock, bumblebee, and optimus prime
marvel heroes: deadpool and spiderman
capcom: megaman character name zero, tekkaman blade,karas
video game overwatch: genji shimada, jesse mccree , solider 76 and reaper
sonic thehedgehog: shadow the hedgehog, sliver the hedgehog, and sonic the hedgehog
TMNT: raph, donnie, mikey, leo, the turtles and lather head the crocodile .
pokemon mystery dungeon : Aura the riolu//lucario and Bee the pikachu { my pokemon selfs}
naruto: kakashi hatake
kekkai sensen and beyond: Zed O'brien the merman
video game okami: oki the masked human that turns into a wolf
Bleach: ichigo kurosaki
Elfen Lied: Lucy
Devilmay cry: Dante and Dante's demon form.

also i role play as made up characters too.

Latest Journal

Don't you dare Hurt my sister coughinqfits

Okay if you mess and be rude to my sister and hurt her in any way you mess with my sis
coughingfits.. then you got another thing coming also if you all anger me by hurting my sweet sammy wammy sam i am. i will make your life a living nightmare because she is my treasure i love and adore and i am happy i met her she is my new found of being able to smile again. so this is a warning Don't you dare hurt her!! and i am very protective of her she is my wonderful world of happiness and reason to smile again.

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    Thanks for following!

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    I miss you,,,,,,,,

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      i missed you too sis.

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        Where were you ;;

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          i was grounded sorry sis also i am ungrouned now... the grandparents i live with are always stubborn in fact they in their 70's now and i am 25 and they still treat me like a child and keep saying i have no rights and they are also the reason why i am not married with a nice man with my own kids..and my little brother is 22 he just got married last year and also he had a child before i could and now i am a aunt!! this year my nephew is 2 years old...also i still haven't met him yet due to most of my family living in missouri and i live in arizona with just me and my grandparents who says i have no rights of freedom... also i have two cats at least they don't get mad at me for stupid stuff like my grandparents.. UGH!! they are so STUPID , OLD AND STUBBORN!!

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      hi sis its me and i'm back hope i didn't worried you too much. also i was grounded and sorry for not talking to you sooner.

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    Thanks for following! :D

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    Hi sis!! ❤️