Dead inside by Shironya

Dead inside


12 January 2017 at 17:51:13 MST


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    LOVE that use of contrast!!
    Your gore/vent art is super good. As someone who also has a lot of hard times, I feel some deep connections with your vent art. Like we are communicating, or have shared a common thought. That connection, even if it might only be on my side, feels very special. So thank you for publicly expressing those feelings.

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      Thank you so much for the kind words!! They mean a lot to me. ;o; <33
      I have been a little worried about suddenly posting these kind of depressing pictures because I am always worried that someone thoughts that I only seek for attention this way.
      These drawings are also special to me, I enjoy them because these are the rare ones where I have put all my feelings on it. These are part of me, a big part of me unfortunately at the moment, but drawing these eases my feelings a bit. It feels like I transferred a part of those feelings in these pictures.

      Thank you again for commenting nice things about these (for me) special drawings and also thank you for liking them! I am happy if they make you also feel something special <3