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You're welcome in my gallery! I create furries of various styles and I make commissions of them. If you have OC's that you would like to see in my style, please contact me. I always with open commission! ;3

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Shinn Commissions OPEN ( 1 SLOT)

I'm open to new requests now!! Send me a note with your idea if you want my services! ^^

Commission Common questions:

Paypal instruction: send me the payment only by the "good and services" option.

I'll just accept, make characters that already have some reference pictures. exceptions are for the pony anthros. if you show a picture of the normal pony I can make an anthro based on it. if you do not have characters you can order one.

  • My characters cannot be chosen to participate in commissions. this includes all of my pokemophs! sorry I have other plans for them. (this restriction is just for mature pictures).

-please, Put all instructions in a single message, it will avoid that I forget some detail!

others Rules:

1- I accept do images with a maximum of 4 characters

2- all the requests that I receive will be posted in my galleries. I can hide your name. I can modify the original colors if necessary

3-I just accept do images similar to those already created before. if your idea is unusual, I will need to consider whether accepted or not.

4- Don't forget to send me a note with:

  • Name of your character
  • References of poses if possible -references of character
  • I accept only links to images of famous sites. Photobucker, furraffinity, rule34, hentai foundry or deviantart.

5- if the character does not belong to you I'll need permission from the owner of the character.

6-I receive payment only by paypal.

if you have questions please send me a note!

New prices 2017:

image with 1 character: 26 USD
image with 2 character: 35 USD
image with 3 character: 45 USD
image with 4 character: 60 USD
POV commission (HENTAI): 30 USD
Character creation: 40 USD

Commission status:

1- link_collins: (2 Images)

2- iamrman:

3- darksword-wolf: (3 Images)

4- catsithx: (2 images)

5- Darkjerod (DA)

6- pkmndiamond493:

7- OblivionZero:

8- misterz100:

9- ShadowWarp:

10- Celestial being

11- OPEN

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