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Im back/TFF

Alright Ill be back to post actual updates from here on out and I figured Id start with a Furry-Fiesta meme since it is now only a month away and Im pumped and I will also eventually get around to a get to know me sort of thing.

Q: Where are you staying?

A: Ill be at the Con Hotel!

Q: When will you be arriving and leaving?

A: Ill be there mid-afternoon/late Friday and hopefully Late Sunday

Q: Who will you be rooming with?

A: Tolka! Like every year!

Q: Where will you be most of the time during the day/s?

A: I will be in my fursuit being a dork and spending way too much money.

Q: What/where will you be eating?

A: Spring Creek BBQ is my favorite but not sure where else.

Q: Will you be having a room party?

A: Um yeah no.

Q: Will you be drinking and/or getting drunk?

A: Nope not this year.


Q: What is your gender?

A: Im girl.

Q: How tall are you?

A: Im just a scrawny little thing.

Q: If I approach you, will you chat with me?

A: Im awful at just striking up conversations but I wont not talk to you unless you are mean or stink.

Q: If I see you, how should I get your attention?

A:Jump up and down and wave your arms. Saying my name might help but I tend to zone out so no promises.

Q: How many furry conventions have you attended?

A: Well the last few years of TFF and thats it. Hopefully will be attending more this year.

Q: Do you own a fursuit?

A: I need more! But yes I have Ty!


Q: Can I hug or snuggle with you?

A: You may give me a quick hug but no more.

Q: How can I find you?

A: Im obnoxious in suit so you will find me out of suit well Im sure Ill be around Tolka so look for her.

Q: Can I buy you drinks?

A: Eh pass!

Q: Can I look in your sketchbook?

A: If I had one for you to look through sure!

Q: Can I draw in your sketchbook?

A: ^

Q: Can I take your picture?

A: In suit YES! Out of suit NO!


Q: Do you do do free art, trades, commissions, badges?

A: Prolly not but doesnt hurt to ask.

Q: Do you have a table in the Artist Alley / Dealer's Den or a panel in the Art Show? If so, what are you selling?

A: Nope just enjoying the con.

Q: Do you plan to volunteer?

A: haha nope.

Q: What's your goal for the con this year?

A: Suit lots! And just have fun and bring home pretty art!

Im super excited for CIRCLE CON 2014!!

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