Shimmi's Ref by Shimmi

Shimmi's Ref


21 October 2014 at 11:13:17 MDT

Shimmi needed a new ref, as I've decided to retire her anthro form. This is partly because Shimmi's unique design encompasses her body shape as well as her colours and the anthro form lacked the long torso, short legs and the sweep of her back into her tail. She's much more recognisable in her feral form and is closer to my heart in the original way I designed her. She's my baby and I love her to bits <3

I added loads of info about her for those that are interested ^^


Feral Chinese Dragon/Ring-Tailed Lemur mix
20-ish years old
Playful, sometimes childish, silly, curious

-Shimmi has the ability to float/fly without the aid of wings. In the air, she is very mobile and able to twist her body and neck in any way she likes.
-Her ears are stupidly long and are connected to her emotions. They have full mobility and can shoot straight up or go limp and everything in-between.
-She is able to breathe a blue 'fire' which feels cold to the touch. The feeling becomes more uncomfortable the longer you are exposed to it and may leave a black 'burn' on surfaces or skin. However, it cannot ignite anything.
-Her horns are short and useless.
-Her tail is very thin but it is the long fur which hangs from it which gives it it's width. It is highly mobile but the fur is always subject to gravity/wind etc.
-She has fur all over her body which is thicker in places such as her belly/chest, ankles and heels. Her fur keeps her warm in the mountaintop environments in which she resides.
-Her front legs are shorter than her back legs giving her butt a raised appearance.

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