Tick Tock WIP by Shiko-Yote

Tick Tock WIP


27 January 2016 at 12:42:27 MST

Was so inspired by this song of the Interstellar Movie Tick Tock
So I doodled something for Senpai Jackrow <3 we are huge fans of the movie~

Jack is © to jackrow
V-K is © mine

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    It looks lovely so far!

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    Wow! :o

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      Thank you!

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        You're very welcome! :)

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    Very pretty!

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    Oh my god, I love that song. If you haven't already, listen to the whole soundtrack all in one go, with shuffle turned off.

    "Stay" is my favorite song closely followed by "Coward" with "Tick Tock" running in third.

    Interstellar is <3

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      I still shiver when hearing the morose initial feeling atmosphere of Coward. Its chilling to a point that it wakes up all my forgotten and deep dream feelings. The rhythmical ticking of a clock is a nice resemblance how time flies in the meantime of something dramatic and tragic.

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        I love listening to the entire soundtrack on powerful speakers. You really don't get an appreciation of how explosive it is until it fills the room and makes you FEEL the music.

        Hans Zimmerman is a wonderful soundtrack artist. Honestly, any of his soundtracks to me tells a story. I guess that is the point of a soundtrack, but a lot of musicians can't make it feel that way.

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        As an aside, the Interstellar soundtrack is one of the few musical pieces that can bring me to emotions just with its progression. Maybe it has something to do with the events that I know unfold in the movie, but it's curious.