Character Information Sheets: Zayla by shiftingshadows99

Character Information Sheets: Zayla

Name: Zayla
Epithets/titles: The First Warden*, Unruly Zayla, The Great Tactician
Occupation: Unofficial leader of the Wardens (former), Librarian, Inventor, Scientist
Species: Wolf/Husky
Date of birth: Unknown
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Age: 105-107 est.
Sex: Female
Height: 5'10
Body type: Lithe and agile
Hair/fur color: Black hair (When present)and pure white fur
Eye color: Amber
Facial Hair: None
Piercings: None
Tattoos: Zayla has various summoning tattoos on her body, along with ancient runes that serve mainly as a last line of defence in dire situations.
Scars/marks/deformities: None
Race: Celestial
Birthplace: Celestial Plane
Languages: FCL (Forest Common Language) as well as several ancient dialects.
Beliefs/ethos: Prosperity can only be achieved through strong leadership, thus the strong must lead while the weak should follow.
Virtues: Kindness**, Accepting**, Forgiving**, Loyal, Dutiful, Respectful (usually), Brave, Self-sacrificing
Vices: Intolerance (see asterisked virtues), obsessive, occasionally cruel.
Strengths: Strong-willed, Genius intellect, Strong leader
Weaknesses: Occasionally prone to madness, doesn't get along well with others.
Turn-ons: Strong-will, open-mindedness and adventurous spirit
Turn-offs: Weak-willed people, those with closed minds and those who give into fear.
Bad habits: Tends to seclude herself for too long and loses her grip on reality.
Fears: Failing those she looks up to
Talents: Quick-learner, fast reader, highly perceptive, able to understand others with ease.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Mateship status: In a relationship
Mate/boyfriend/girlfriend: Zach
Children: None
Mother: Laila (Deceased)
Father: Aidan (complicated)
Siblings: None
Step-parents: N/A
Grandparents: Spirit and Lilith
Pets: Sometimes keeps her experiments as pets.
Magic types: Illusion, Ice, Memory recreation/manifestation
Other: Zayla is a talented illusionist. She wields two pistols, capable of releasing her emotions in concentrated blasts capable of doing great damage to her opponents when she gets serious. She is able to inspire fear and hesitation in her enemies, both through her illusion magic and her reputation as the first Warden of the current age. She is the strongest of all the Wardens, but, rarely leaves the Atheneum in recent years and almost never fights any more unless in an emergency. Her genius intellect and memory magic allows her to use most techniques she has seen before to a great effect.

*Of the current age
**Applied sparingly to Reapers and most demonic races

Character Information Sheets: Zayla


11 July 2015 at 17:59:06 MDT

Alkain will be staying in the Forest. These info sheets should hopefully give you a good idea of the people he meets. Character is dedicated to my mentor.

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