Character Information Sheets: Iggy by shiftingshadows99

Character Information Sheets: Iggy

Name: Iggy
Epithet: The Knight
Occupation: Warrior
Species: Dragon (western)
Date of Birth: Unknown (record lost)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Age: 5*
Sex: Male
Height: 5'10
Body Type: More than athletic but not muscular.
Hair/fur/scale color: Mostly red
Hair style/fur style/skin type: Scaly with spikes on his elbows, knees, spine and tail**
Eye color: Red
Facial Hair: N/A
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None
Scars/marks/deformities: None
Race: Forestian
Birthplace: Forest
Languages: FCL
Beliefs/ethos: There is nothing wrong with relying on others for the strength to persevere.
Virtues: Courageous, Kind-hearted, Understanding, Accepting
Vices: None
Strengths: Strong sense of duty and loyalty, Highly perceptive combatant, Quick, Strong
Weaknesses: Crippling fear of being alone, somewhat shy and awkward.
Turn-ons: Unknown
Turn-offs: Unknown
Bad habits: No significant bad habits.
Fears: Losing those closest to him
Talents: Fighting
Sexual Orientation: (mostly) Straight
Mateship status: In a committed but open relationship.
Mate/boyfriend/girlfriend: Yuri***
Children: None
Mother: [Redacted]
Father: [Redacted]
Siblings: Vincent and Mira
Step-parents: Lucca
Step-siblings: Shuujat, Matt, a few unnamed others.
Grandparents: Zayla and Zach****
Pets: None
Misc: Looks to Zayla as a second mother.
Magical affinities: Fire and Illusion*****
Magical abilities: Flame Dragon Lungs, Fire manipulation, Ice magic******
Weapons: Flame Emperor's Maul
Other: The Flame Emperor's Maul is a weapon he is able to summon as a Warden. It is highly effective against most reapers and is capable of creating pillars of fire. Being a flame dragon, he is able to both breathe and inhale fire, the latter giving him a temporary increase to his power, speed and energy. He is capable of manipulating both fire and ice, usually to enhance his physical abilities or attacks.

*As one of the first of his species, an enchantment in the Forest made him age physically faster. He is on the physical social and emotional level of someone 18-24
When not wielding his weapon.
***Harbinger of the Otters takes place roughly 20 years after the events of TMC
Unrelated by blood, they merely play this role.
**Only activates when hes in a state of turmoil
**Ability comes from his connection to Yuri, ability not present in TMC

Character Information Sheets: Iggy


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Iggy is a character who appears in both The Moonweaver Chronicles and Yuri: Harbinger of the Otters

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