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Writing again again and looking for an editor

on 9 August 2015 at 14:13:15 MDT

I am not actually dead or anything... My computer finally dieing, relationship issues, lack of motivation and a bunch of other stuff lead to me not getting around to writing as much as I wanted.

I'm also going through some interesting transitions and am currently looking for an editor, if interested, here are some guidelines. (Perks listed below guidelines)

-I can't pay you in money.
-Skype is heavily recommended (almost required).
-Willingness for regular, two person voice chatting (preferable).
-Willingness to edit and correct what I write into something that I still find acceptable.
-While I enjoy people who don't mindlessly agree with everything I say, I don't go so far as to enjoy people who seem to mindlessly disagree with anything I say.
-If you have any extreme views on religion or politics or anything like that, please don't share.

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, here are some perks that come with the 'job'.
-I am a good and loyal friend.
-I can tell you more about the Forest.*(read below)
-I am a good listener with a strong grasp of Psychology, I can give either emotional or psychological support.
-You get to be the first to see what I write (potentially as I write it)

If the guidelines are something you don't have a problem with and the perks are something you can certainly get behind, send me a message saying you're interested (preferably with your Skype username) and we can talk about it. A new journal will be posted saying I found an editor if the position is filled.

*The Forest is an ongoing role-play universe that I created. The second half of Moonweaver Chronicles and almost all of Moonweaver Chronicles 2 takes place there. LyVe's protagonists are almost all from the Forest and Iggy from Yuri was born there. It has a rich history filled to the brim with lore that won't be appearing in any of my stories. I will gladly take the time to tell you all about it if you help me edit. While 90% of it is clean, the other 10% is pretty kinky, depending on which of those two things you might prefer.

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