valentine mouse (com) by Sheori

valentine mouse (com)


25 May 2016 at 02:57:27 MDT

I won a in stream art raffle/comission! Its that time of year and as a mouse with pink hair, I wasnt going to let this holiday pass by!
Though her husband was hilarious during the process of getting it drawn. About in the middle of the kines process she had to get up to get a package from the door...nnow shy keeps her webcam up while she streams. All the sudden her husband comes darting in and starts doodling on her brb layer. He...harpooned me, even wrote harpooooon near the sharp tip and then quickly darted from the scene leaving her chair almost spinning. We all razzed him and carried on, then she came back and was like....oh nooo sheori got harpooned! XD

art by   shysiren