Pride in Pink! - Charmsey by Sheazubutt

Pride in Pink! - Charmsey


2 June 2018 at 11:32:22 MDT

By the adorably sweet Charmsey Charmsey!!

I'm a trans girl who not only acknowledges her masculinity (a trait of being born male), but also embraces it – a demigirl! The common thread between the transgender & demigirl flags is a streak of pink, with either blue or grey mingling about otherwise. Charmsey was sweet enough to find an adorable mix of the transgender & demigirl flags, a fine display of pride for my niche corner of the colorful spectrum we all inhabit. ^u^ 💙

Edited by the artist (Charmsey) to match my new design, the original post is here~


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    I love this so much, the colors and pose are so dynamic! Happy Pride month fellow trans buddy!