Leporaidan Leaders by ShayShayRaptor

Leporaidan Leaders


24 August 2020 at 20:00:32 MDT

The alien species that greatly resembles our rabbits are known as Leporaidans of the planet Leoora’ia. They are actually omnivorous, and unlike Earth rabbits, they sport some fairly lengthy canines that can easily puncture and tear. Seneé the Cleric, (left) Gonco the Scholar (middle), and Sotoko the Warrior (right) are the respective leaders of their clans.

The culture as a whole for these space buns is dependent on the harmony and unity of the three respective leaders. Not only that, but the harmony and unity between these three is paramount for their entire species as a whole to survive.

Not all past clan leaders have lived in harmony together, but relationships take work. The reasons behind the need to establish clan leaders is to provide checks and balances, as well as equal voices in matters proven or theorized by science and history and to remember the past as well; to indulge in the more spiritual necessities provided by clerics and priests and to also offer community, a sense of purpose and sense of just being; and lastly, those that pursue the more physical of purposes and intents that require actual action, protection, guardianship, and sense of brother and sisterhood that doesn’t rely on metaphysical feelings.

When one is out of sync, their entire society is soon to follow through. Cultivating compassion, strength, knowledge, communication, and understanding are key to keeping the peace. Primarily a culture and people of peace, they are, unfortunately, intimate with past transgressions that have led to war amongst themselves. Bringing together everyone and breaking the cycle of violence was always the first step to recovery and moving on and forgiveness.

I’ve put quite a bit of lore and background into these guys, and I hope to share more in the future!

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