2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 (Mustang 50 years) by ShawnSkunk

2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 (Mustang 50 years)


19 April 2014 at 15:30:27 MDT

2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Introduced in 1969 for the soul purpose to compete in the Trans-Am championship the Boss 302 was answer to the Z/28 Camaro built by Chevrolet.

The 1969 models had a 302 V8 motor with beefed up four bolt mains, a stronger crank, and redesigned Cleveland cylinder heads that promoted better breathing.

A stock Boss 302 could do 0 to 60 in under 9 seconds and do the quarter mile in 14.9 seconds and it had a rev limiter to keep lead footed drivers from blowing up the engine not allowing the car to rev any higher than 600 RPM's.

In 1970 a Boss 302 Mustang driven legendary race car driver Parnelli Jones went to victory lane at Laguna Seca and in the end he won the 1970 Trans-Am championship title driven a Boss 302 making the 302 famous.

Then 42 years later the Boss 302 made it's triumphant return onto the scene in 2012 with a new 5.0 Liter (302) V8 motor that made 440 HP, it was equipped with a 6 speed manueal transmission it had two sets of exhaust two that snaked to the rear bumper and two the to the side rocker panels.

The benenfit with the new Boss 302 is that you could race against the best on the track with it and yet when you're thru competing on the track you can simply drive it home it was a race car that was yet a street legal machine.

The new Boss 302 had a special my track key feature that could activate two different modes, street mode for street use and track mode for track use which activates the side mounted exhaust makes the 302 really fly.

The 2012 thru 2013 Boss Mustangs could 0 to 60 in 4.0 seconds and do the quarter mile in 12.3 seconds at 115 MPH.

While it couldn't compete with ZL-1 Camaro which was introduced in 2012 the Boss 302 could it's own against the Bavarian competitor BMW's M3 coupe.
Ford built 3,250 Boss 302's and 750 Laguna Seca edition's which Ford introduced in the roster and the new Boss 302 like it's classic counterparts stayed in production for two years and was discontinued in 2013 this 2013 Boss 302 you see in the picture here doing it's laps on the Nurburgring in Germany is one of the 2013 models the last gerneration out of a short two year period to be built.

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