2007 Ford Mustang GT Premium (Mustang 50 years) by ShawnSkunk

2007 Ford Mustang GT Premium (Mustang 50 years)


19 April 2014 at 15:27:43 MDT

2007 Ford Mustang GT Premium

After a ten year run with the previous Mustang model it was time for a change, under the direction of chief engineer Hau Thai Tang and exterior styling designer Sid Ramnarance work on what would be the 2005 Mustang began in 2003, with in a year it went from sketches to 3D computer models all the way to a showroom model ready for the 2004 North American Interantional Auto Show and was codenamedS-197.

It came to dealerships in the fall of 2005 it came equipped with 4.6 Liter (281 Cubic Inch) V8 motor that made 300 HP and a 4.o Liter (245 Cubic Inch) V6 Motor that made 210 HP and came with either 5 speed automatic or a 5 speed manuel transmission.

Loyal Mustang quickly took knotices of it's styling it's retro styling recalled the classic fastback Mustangs of 1964 thru 1966, it had solid rear axle which was popular by Mustang fans and the engines had variable camshaft timing (VCT) which contributed to GT performance as well as fuel efficiency and it's $21,000 base price tag made it very affordable to enthusiast.

When Ford senior vice presidfent J Mays saw overlooking the development and the car's styling he called the retro style retro futurism because of it's retro styling.

The 2005 Mustang would stay for 4 years before being replaced by the restyled 2010 Mustang.

(The white 2007 Ford Mustang in the picture above is no oridnary Mustang this Mustang is White Knight a very special built for GT (Gran Turismo) racing it was owned by 3 time GT world champion Shawn Skunk who drive it daily on his drives to work and world's race tracks.

Though it wasn't a great road racer due to it's piggish handeling it could hold it's own against tuners both domestic and import he kept drove it White Knight to a few victories before retiring it in December 2013 to be replaced by the more powerful 2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang he christened White Knight II.
White Knight now sits on display in his newly established National Mustng Museum in Flat Rock Michigan.)

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