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the Nascar noose controversy (AutoSkunk investigates) by ShawnSkunk

the Nascar noose controversy (AutoSkunk investigates)


(this review is purely intended for giving my opinion on the Talledega noose misunderstanding, this is only a review on the controversy and to show who's really to blame for the fallout that unfolded from it online, some may get outraged by what I have to say, but that's just part of the job of being an online reviewer and content maker, and now without further word, this is the my review on the Nascar noose controversy)

in June 2020 at the Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama, a
noose was discovered in Bubba Wallace's assigned garage.
outraged and scared by this, fearing for his life and his family, it was
reported to Nascar, outraged themselves, Nascar investigated it and got
the FBI involved.
after completeing their investigation, the FBI concluded that it was not
an intended hate crime, and instead, it was a hoax, the fans were
outraged and angry at Bubba and Nascar, they were quick to change angle
from incident?, to publicity stunt, and the fans called out for Nascar
to be defunded and Bubba Wallace to withdraw from racing, but according
to sources?, Bubba thought otherwise, he was convinced that what he saw
was a noose.
and that's where I'm going to stop and talk about the incident, because
at first, when I first heard about this and saw the images, I thought
this really was a threat on Bubba's life and his family, because this
happened after Nascar announced a ban on confederate flags at race
venues, and mainly because I thought Bubba was a cool guy, especially
when I saw him race in the Monster Energy Cup Series for the first time
in 2019 and saw some commentation about him, and he seemed like a really
cool guy.
but after conducting my own investigation into this incident, I'm
actually starting to believe the fans.

let me start off with a little history about Bubba Wallace:
William Darrell (Bubba) Wallace, he's perhaps (as far as I know)
Nascar's first black driver since Wendell Scott, I first saw him on tv a
long time ago in advertisement for Nascar's "Drive for diversity"
program, it was a program designed to provide oppurtunity in racing for
everyone that is starting out in motorsports, African Americans,
caucasions, Aisians, latinos, everyone of all ethnicities and from
around the world, and Bubba Wallace was part of it.
born in 1993 in Mobile, Alabama to a black mother and a white father and
raised in Concord, North Carolina, he got his start in motor racing
driving Bandoleros, Legend cars, and Late models at the age of nine.
in 2005 he won 35 Bandolero races, in 2008, he became the youngest
driver to win after winning a race at the Franklin County Speedway in
in 2010 he competed in the Nascar K&N Pro Series East, driving for Rev
Racing, this is when he joined the Nascar Drive for Diversity Program,
Rev Racing was a part of the program and is where his road to racing
stardom would begin (he was also assigned as a development driver for
Joe Gibbs Racing), he won his very first race in the series at the
Greenville Pickens Speedway, becoming the youngest driver to at that
track, later in that same year he won another race at Lee USA Speedway
in New Hampshire, and went on his way to finish third in the points
standings winning rookie of the year, becoming the first first african
american to win such an award in Nascar.
Wallace would go on to win three times in the 2011 season at Richmond,
Columbus, and Dover and finished second in points.
eventualy, he would race the entire K&N East series in 2012, driving for
Joe Gibbs Racing along with four to six Nationwide races as well, he
later returned to K&N one more time 2018.
in 2012, he made his debut in what is now called Xfinity series (once
called Nationwide series) in late May driving the #20 Dollar General
Toyota at the Iowa Speedway, he did well, staying in the top 10 for most
of the race and finished it placing 9th, and then later finished in the
top ten in two more races.
now fast forward to 2019, and Wallace goes back to the truck series for
two races, he finsihed both races in 10th and 20th.
there's a lot more on him to cover so I'm gonna go ahead and skip to
2020, what he has accomplished so far?, 6th place at Las Vegas, but then
the Covid-19 pandemic happened cutting the racing season for short for a
while after four races, as a result, Bubba made it to 18th place in the
during the lockdown he competed in a Nascar Iracing Pro Inivitational
series race but that didn't go well for him, and he rage quit after 11
laps in.

he made headlines as a result and he lost his sponsorship because of it.
and now we're up to speed on Bubba Wallace and now it's to talk about
the noose incident.

the noose incident:
it all began on June 21, 2020 at Talledega, a team memeber of Bubba
Wallace's team saw a noose hanging in Bubba's garage and he reported it
to Nascar, then the president of Nascar relayed it to Bubba and he was
outraged over it.
the two of them condemned it as heinous and said that it would be
a full investigation into the noose was conducted by the FBI, photos of
the noose were posted online on twitter and other social media and news
sites with articles talking about the incident, this triggered a frenzy
of outrage which spread like a wildfire, and the internet, goes wild,
fans are outraged at Nascar and Bubba saying that this was a publicity
stunt to garner attention and cred for the association and for Bubba,
saying that it was a hoax and that there was no intentional hate crime
at all, even President Donald Trump was angry at Bubba and demanded that
he apoligize for getting the FBI involved and wasting their time and for
causing Nascar to lose it's ratings, but Bubba in a tweet back to Trump,
pretty much said "nope"(insert video link here), and the FBI were able
to conclude (after completing their investigation) that there was no
intentional hate crime involved and no one is responsible.
now I'm gonna put my own spin on this case, let's start the photos, I
took a good look at these photos of the noose and there's just something
about them that I find to be a, it's the position from the
which noose is hanging, take this photo of it for example

if you notice the noose is hanging extremely close to one of the garage
door's sliding rails (it's a part of the door that helps the garage door
to easily slide up down freely when opening or closing), looking at the
photos it's hanging in about the exact same position as where a garage
door pull would hang, seems a rather unusual place to hang a noose.
a lot of the fans say it was a garage door pull, and as I looked into it
further, I realized then that it was indeed a garage door pull, and
someone even posted shared a video of that same garage where the noose
was found that was shot last year in October 2019, let's have a look at
that video, maybe we'll find some clues to prove it.

stop at 50 seconds, now look at that garage number (#4) that's the
garage Bubba Wallace was assigned back in June this year, now let's fast
forward to 55 seconds, look carefully at the spot where a pit crew member in
a solid black Menards shirt and black hat is standing inside the garage,
see that rope right next to him, that's the same garage door pull in the
recent June 2020 photos submitted on the media by Nascar, and it's tied
in the exact same way, a noose.
now here's an article featuring some photos from a tweet addressing the
noose incident,

in one photo, there are notes written out in red letters

with lines pointing out something rather odd, this photo waken after the
noose was cut off, notice how much shorter it is now compared to the
garage pull in the garage next door, also if you look inside the garage
you can see some of the FBI investigators questioning one of the team
members, and there's a red letter not above that says "FBI investigators
questioning scrutiny, which means they now know that this was a hoax.
so now we know the FBI's official inquiry into the incident stating that
it was a hoax is correct, so clearly this should no big deal at all with
no drama intended, right?, so how did this incident blow up so fast to a
point practically beyond damage control online?.
who is to blame for this hoax?, is it Bubba Wallace?, is it the person
who found the noose and reported it to blame?, is Nascar to blame?
looking into Bubba Wallace, I did some reading and even watched some
interviews of Bubba, his statements?, his tweets?, what he had to say in
the interviews?, it's all giving me the assumption that maybe Bubba
isn't to blame for this or the person who reported it, and I've done
some digging on how this report of the incident was handled.
if you want my sincere opinion, blame should squarely go to Nascar (no
no, not Mike Helton, he's retired from his position as president long
ago in case you're wondering, today, he's only the vice chairman of the
association, and it's not chairman/CEO Jim France either), it's Nascar's
current president in charge right now, Steve Phelps.
Steve's timing of when to make this public, "sucks", when he released
the photos, the FBI either haven't began or finished their investigation
yet, in fact it's been told by some that the FBI weren't quite finished
with their inquiry into the incident in fact based on what I've learned,
it sounds like they were only halfway finished with their investigation
and not quite all of the evidence was collected or pieced together yet.
so as a result, the whole thing has blown up in his face, and now he's
probably likely feeling both the burn and the embarassment.
as for Bubba?, is it really his fault that this all blew up so fast on
social media?, does he really deserve this much ridicule from the fans?, be honest with you all?, no, I don't think so, I really
believe he was legitimatly scared for not only his life but also for his
family too.
but his reaction and the way he handled this news?, I think he reacted
to this scare the same way I once used to react when I see something
online that had me react in almost this way back in 2014.
Bubba, if I may, let me leave you some advice, I understand how you
feel, truly I do, you were scared, scared for your life, your family,
but the important thing is to remain and not let it get to you, as the
saying from a famous poster goes "keep calm and carry on".
I think you're a good driver and that you have potential, don't let what
happened slow you down, soldier on, keep driving, never give up, and
don't let what the fans say about you on social media get to you, just
turn the other cheek, ignore their negative comments and carry on, I
know one day you'll win, it's just a matter of time and patience and
never forget, you got the whole Nascar racing behind you all the way.
when I started investigating this on my own account?, I thought someone
really was threatening his life, but after looking into it,'s
safe to say that this was all just a misunderstanding, we all make
mistakes in life, that's just part of living life, and important thing
to remember?, is to learn from our mistakes and move on, for with the
mistakes we make in life?, we can learn from them and improve and grow
as human beings.
that's all for this interview ladies and gentlemen, thank you for
reading this review.
as for what Bubba is up to now?, though I haven't been able to keep up
with Nascar as much as I used too, I did recently learn of some news
that Bubba will leaving the Richard Petty team and driving for another
I'll keep you all posted on which team he goes to in a journal and a
tweet on my accounts, that way if you all want to cheer Bubba on when
goes to a new team, you can.

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