Shawn and Eternal (raffle prize) by ShawnSkunk

Shawn and Eternal (raffle prize)


16 May 2019 at 21:38:09 MDT

a raffle prize I from a raffle hosted by Renneon on FurAffinity featuring me and my rare and treasured 1987 Audi 5000 CS Quattro Turbo (it's real model name is 200 but in the United States it's called 5000).
I call this car Eternal because to me it's a survivor and I held on to it with my life practically.
right now I'm still working on her but by the time she's finished I'm hoping of making it into a replica race car but not just a race car I'm going to be doing a cross between a German Touring version of the 200
and my favorite version the Audi 200 Trans Am race car
it'l have the bodywork of the German touring car (since custom bodywork will be expensive and I don't know any body shops that can do special custom bodywork for a replica Trans Am race car) and it'll the engine and performance of the Audi 200 Trans Am race car
the whole purpose with this idea is take it to car shows and track events and educate people about motorsports and automobile history and get people excited for it and here's why
and this is why I'm wanting to do this because motorsports is in trouble and it needs help to keep it alive and you can do your part too if you can in any way possible from fundraisers to fun field trips centered around racetracks and motor racing hall of fames and museums as well as field trips to auto races.
I hope to one day make this car my centerpiece for my own future youtube show and you guys probably already know what I'm talking about, cough cough "AutoSkunk" cough cough
I also did like that Renneon included my chinese wisdom word necklace that I used to have when I bought on one of my two trips to Disneyworld waay back in 2007 (if you're what chinese manderin on my necklace says? it says peace)
that's all I got to say about this, thank you very much Renneon I love it and it's absolutely amazing :3 <3

car and character belong to me

artwork was done by Renneon on FurAffinity

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