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"Winding Silhouettes" teasing preview by Shana

"Winding Silhouettes" teasing preview


After about six/seven months of working on it, the collab artbook I did with ABD - "Winding Silhouettes" - is finally available as a physical printed copy to purchase at Rabbit Valley!

It features 32 full color pinup pictures of sexy furry girls in lingerie. All characters depicted in the magazine sized artbook are ours, except six who belong to people in FA that supported this project even from the funding stage.

This artbooks has a lot of our own characters, some are new and they are making their own debute in this this project!! X3 its their introduction to this furry world jejeje.So, if you want to know them and see them for the first time you can do it, by buying a copy =P

It's not an expensive item so if you're interested please check it direcly here:

Also at Rabbit Valley you can purchase printings of non-commission pictures and old Furoticon Card Illustrations that ABD has done and that I'm sure you'll enjoy too:

Go check them out, BD's art is lovely, and maybe you'll find something that will catch your eye ^-~

Also expect more artbooks to come in the future, because from what we've learned from this experience, if it happens, the next artbook will be even more interesting :D

Thanks everyone for your support now and ever!

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