A panda need your help <3 by Shalinka (critique requested)

A panda need your help <3 (critique requested)


20 February 2013 at 08:04:52 MST

Hey everyone !! I need your help today.

I'm doing a contest and I need your "like" on facebook.

It's very important to me and can even make me win some money !!

Please help your favorite panda !

You can like here :


Please please help me and share this art around ! Just a "like" on the picture is needed :3

This contest is for a manga convention in Switzerland that I'm attending as a artist.

I will have a table with my friend Rubis Firenos , to sell some art.

If I win some money prize in this contest it will help me a lot to travel to switzerland :3

AAAAAAND without all this facebook stuff, I hope that you like this picture *w* feels so great to draw shali panda <3

It's what you can see when you see me at my table, in convention. Ready to draw some stuff for you !

The contest was about letting a blank for people to draw in your picture... a blank page was a cool idea for me :3

Comments, favs are appreciated and always welcome !

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    Partagé liké ! Y'a même des amis hors furry qui ont repartagé :-)

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      oui jai vuuu merci ^^

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        Quand je vois ça sur mon écran d'ordi plutot que sur mon téléphone, c'est encore plus impressionnant. Tu as passé longtemps dessus, pas vrai?

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          Du tout XD 4 -5 h , j'ai tout fait en livestream d'ailleurs :3 La participation a ce concour etait obligatoire (si tu as un stand a polymanga) j'me suis un peu forcer a le faire