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ArtTrade - Adi by Shalie

ArtTrade - Adi


A LLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOONG over due arttrade for the wonderful ariadnedalua ;-; Adi, ILU!!!

I actually started this at the start of the year, but for what ever reason at that time some colors were effecting my vision, and for what ever reason it decided to switch from red and blues, to sandy colors?? I could sketch just fine but doing the main coloring was giving me vertigo.

Sad to say, after all this time, I was almost at a loss as to where I was going to go with the image in the end ;-; So, I know you'll like it Adi (cause you are awesome like that) but I really wanted to do more.
I took some liberty with the character design, seeing as when I started, the character was still in metamorphosis, and some images of Adi made me think of her as a big ol fluffy bunny dragon XD So I kind of went with that, that was what was stuck in my mind, with these big ol soft ears, fluffy mc fluffers and on. I went with a slightly more feral tribal aspect too, something both of us can appreciate ^_^

So, here's to you, Adi!

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    this is quite a surprise hahahah to tell the truth I had even forgot about this xD (you know I have a bad memory~) hahaha
    But oh my! It really looks so awesome x3 haha You're right I really love how it got! <3 And I love even more the tribal looking you gave to the character, I love those stuff! xD
    Hahaha Its not the first time people imagine me as a big bunny dragon, and I understand why XD
    and man she did passed by lots of changes indeed hahahahha.

    Thank you so very very very much for this Cassie! I love it! <3
    And ILU too! <3