History Maker by Shadow-Crystol

History Maker


14 July 2019 at 20:42:45 MDT

"As he stood there ever so still, so patiently, awaiting me to make the final strokes of my brush- what was he thinking? what was his mind pondering at this moment?
He seemed at piece, and yet, somehow I felt he was troubled. I wouldn't dare ask him, but finish the commission at hand. For what history he makes, our lives are in his hands."

Added some free textures so now you can "feel" him LMAO and yeah, i just keep toying and changing his attire. ^^; but hey, got a bit better of a design coming through so that's what matters.
Also, I hope ya'll are enjoying the more lifely / personal feeling i've been trying to add to these with the first bit in the description

art Shadow-Crystol 2019