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Enjoyment of storms by Shadowcloud

Enjoyment of storms


"Lightning always puts a dragon into the right light and mood to show off their magnificent bodies. As you can see, it's nothing different for me here~ I'm just enjoying myself in the eye of the storm~"

Holy damn! Ian-Arega went nuts with the details on the portrait for the 200 Watchers raffle he hosted a while ago. I really love the lighting, the reflections and the details, especially the scales and the water effects from the rain! The scales look so sturdy and heavy and it really depicts the heavy plating on his body very well!

Amazing artwork by Ian-Arega (Definitely check him out!)
Shadowcloud © by me

There is three versions of it, since we both couldn't decide which one looked the best, yet I like this one here the most I think.
If you want to see the other versions too, click here for version two and here for version three!
Also check out his upload of this version over here!