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Beloved by Shadowcloud



Since my mate Karis and me are now five years in a relationship, I wanted to get us something special to celebrate that. When Karis told me he got us something for our anniversary, I was just sitting here and thinking what to do, because I really didn't wanted to stay there with empty paws, when his gift arrived here. So I searched around a bit and found something really awesome. It shouldn't just be a simple commission, it should be something to grab on and present. Something physically. And I found something.
DeltaBlack was nice enough to support me with that endeavor and provided me with a lot of versions that made all three (yes three!) of those gifts possible! An awesome painting (with and without background, as well as two very awesome linearts!), an engraved slab of slate with the line art and the starting date of our relationship and our names on it, and a very cozy pillow also with that image here on it!

The other images of the gifts can be found on FA over HERE (Slate) and HERE (Pillow)

Lovely Commission made by DeltaBlack who was really awesome to work with, because they helped me a lot with the process of creating more with that design. (Go fave their upload as well 💜
Karis © by KarisTheWolf
Shadowcloud © by me

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