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Better Down Where It's Wetter by Shadderstag

Better Down Where It's Wetter


4 December 2014 at 21:56:04 MST

A wickedly fun stream commission I did for Seky of their wobbegong character. I had to work off a description and they had to unfortunately leave before I had even started coloring, so I really hope it's accurate! I uh, kind of went overboard on the markings >_>;

Threw in a tiny bit of background (if you can even call it that) just to show that he is indeed a bottomfeeder rofl

Art (c) Scott Francis
Character (c) Seky

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Visual / Sketch


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    What a cutie x3

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      Thank you! I was definitely cooing over all the cute wobbegongs while looking up references hahaha

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    This is really awesome! I like the idea of this guy just creepin' along the bottom: "You can't see me, I am not a shark, I am a mottled stretch of seabed. Unless you can fit in my mouth, in which case NOM."

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      Thanks! I was originally going to draw him in like generic merman pose but then I was like WAIT I HAVE A BETTER IDEA and yes xD

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    I just love this design sooooo much!

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    The markings are unbelievably well done. I love the pose you've given him as well, more animalistic. Well done!

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      Thanks! I went waaaay overboard with the markings but I just had so much fun with this design lol

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        Nope. very realistic!