December Creature Exchange - TrinitySilph by Shadderstag

December Creature Exchange - TrinitySilph


2 January 2018 at 16:18:47 MST

I got TrinitySilph for December's Creature Exchange! Sorry it's a bit late, my computer fried orz So I fought with my laptop and managed to get this finished.

1 - What parts of your prompt were written well and easy to understand? Was there anything the writer of the prompt could improve on or include next time they create a prompt?

This was the prompt. It was easy to understand, and left pretty open-ended, so hopefully I managed to capture the spirit (hah) of the prompt!

2 - Please explain how you interpreted the prompt to create your design. Which features did you use? Did you stick to the chosen palette or make changes to it? Does the design you created have any special abilities or quirks?

I knew as soon as I read the prompt that I wanted to do a long sinuous dragon that used magic to fly. As I fiddled with the design some more, it went through a few changes before I settled on it summoning will-o-wisp's via the tattoos across its body, filling it with mystical energy! I figure the only constant will-o-wisp is the one between its antlers, showing it the way, whatever that may mean. I ended up using one of the provided palettes, and just added the blue of the will-o-wisp's as its tattoos. I personally love the contrast, hope TrinitySylph does too!

Art (c) Scott Francis
Character (c) TrinitySilph

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    Nifty and glowy! :D

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      Super late but thanks!

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        You're very welcome! :)