OC-tober Week 1 by Shadderstag

OC-tober Week 1


9 October 2015 at 18:39:42 MDT

First week for OC-tober.

  1. Jacqueline "Jack/Jackal" Hartman. She's my Fallout: NV OC. Presents as a man. Hates slavers. Kickass.

  2. Gaspare, a Changeling. He's addicted to body mods to keep his transformation at bay. They never last.

  3. Derrek Howser. Gangs 2nd in command. Horrid past yet somehow a ray of sunshine. Pest but means well.

  4. Panzer AKA Ares. Angriest trans man in existence. Grew up in a military family. Illegal arms dealer.

  5. Mikhal, a Russian Ace med student who pays for uni by being a private escort. Oh and he's a shifter.

  6. Shast, my sphinxsona. Estranged prince gifted by the gods with extra eyes to see the Otherworld.

  7. Agent White. Works for SHIELD, mutant activist, fosters runaway/orphaned mutant kids w/ his wife.

All characters (c) Scott Francis