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Fanmade Neopets Species - Zaglo (Colors Part 1) by Shadane

Fanmade Neopets Species - Zaglo (Colors Part 1)


24 October 2019 at 12:07:23 MDT

My boyfriend got me into Neopets around sometime when I first met him and up until that point, I have only heard about the game but never actually got into it. Basically it's this family friendly, web based, virtual pet simulator game centered around colorful animals called Neopets, and ever since my boyfriend convinced me to make an account, I've enjoyed it quite a bit. I ended up drawing fan art at some point, some of it I haven't posted yet; I think this is my first work of art related to Neopets I've posted publicly.
So the Zaglo is a fake Neopet species I came up with; their name comes from the scientific name for long beaked echidnas which is Zaglossus, although I made them short beaked echidnas. The name was also inspired by an already existing fictional echidna species of mine. However, I do plan to make one of their colors a long beaked variant.
These are all of the colors I came up with so far. I plan to make more colors such as Blue, Tyrannian, Spotted, Shadow, Pirate, Mutant, Chocolate, etc.
FUN FACT: The white Zaglo is based on albino echidnas which are extremely rare.

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    I love the colorings on them! :)

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      Thanks! ❤️

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        You’re very welcome! :)