Skye the Streamertail - Ruined home theme (Oct 12 2011) by SF (critique requested)

Skye the Streamertail - Ruined home theme (Oct 12 2011)

Skye the Streamertail - Ruined home theme (Oct 12 2011) (critique requested)


10 October 2012 at 08:01:13 MDT

Music that plays when you return home to find your village being reclaimed by the city, and thus creating the impetus for you to go on a robot smashing adventure.

This is a sad version of the village's normal theme which I'm not happy enough with to post yet.

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    I would really love to play this game.

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      This is very much my "white whale" project so I don't expect it to be done for years. I'm in the middle of switching careers right now in fact (to game development) so I have some other simpler works to get out the door first.

      If you're interested, check out our company website! We're Game Builder Club and Building 3d Game Birds Gameapp Maker Co. and I'm sure that posting this link mixed in with all my furry porn is a decision I will in no way regret later on.

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        that's pretty cool. My mate and I want to get into the gaming business someday.

        I'll check out the website, I hope posting it doesn't cause any repercussions for you.

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          I'll fire anyone who gives me flak over it. #yolo

          I'm making a "real" website for us in the next few weeks, tumblr's just a place to post goofy updates right now. There are a couple free little text adventure games mixed in there you can play online already (we'll be making more serious stuff than that though).

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            oh I'll definitely give it a look, keep us on weasyl updated for when you get the real site going. ^^