Rainy City Theme - Oct 25 2012 by SF (critique requested)

Rainy City Theme - Oct 25 2012 (critique requested)


26 October 2012 at 08:35:40 MDT

A melancholy theme for the rainy city level. You escape here right after your home is destroyed, and start to realize the world is bigger than you thought.

This is a consistent favourite among my friends, so I would really appreciate a larger audience giving me some good criticism on how to improve it. The mix has been giving me a tonne of trouble in particular. The silvery highs strike me as integral to the sonic emotion (lower case S) and they sound great on my AKG headphones, but they're shrill and difficult to tolerate on most speakers I've tested. What am I doing wrong?

This one also suffers significantly more from the conversion to MP3 than some of the others. Maybe the loss of clarity is more apparent in something downbeat.

Extended version involving a bridge section incoming soonish. I've also rewritten some of the chords since then.

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    I like this theme too. Makes me feel a little sad, but a little optimistic with new wonderment.

    I really wish I knew how to make music, that way I could have something more profound to say rather than these silly comments..

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      Glad those emotions come across! That was the intention quite exactly.

      What experience (if any) do you have? No time like the present to start. I could save you a lot of time by pointing you in the right direction.

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        Oh, glad to.. have the right emotions..? ^^;

        I have zero experience in it. I tried looking for some free programs to learn and try my hand at it, but couldn't find anything useful and I feel too stupid to understand how to do things.. I wish I had more time ( a better computer, instead of this really crappy laptop) and the funds to learn so much more. If anything my mate knows more, he's at least made a few tracks that I really liked.

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          Go here for all the theory you'll need for the foreseeable future. Learn that in small increments at the same time as listening to your favourite music with an analytical ear.

          Grab a free copy of Reaper to play around with, and use that with some free plugins from KVR Audio.

          Let me know if you need help with specifics!

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            wow, thanks!

            Jeez.. Reaper looks complicated o.o;;

            I'll give it a try sometime, thank you ^^