Garage Sale (FWA & local pickup only) by sevech

Garage Sale (FWA & local pickup only)


22 March 2015 at 15:14:37 MDT

I need to clear some stuff out of my dorm room, 'cause, well... it's a tiny dorm room and I'm not using this stuff.

Currently, I'm doing this for FWA pick-up ONLY. Or, if you're local, I can get it to you somehow. After FWA, I'll put the remaining stuff up for people who aren't going to the con. Shipping is just a hassle and I would rather just deliver in person. I can do paypal or cash in person.

I'm a little unsure about the game prices and am willing to haggle on 'em.

  1. Silly Band pattern fursuit-sized bandanna (made by autumnfallings) - $10
  2. taken
  3. Lackadaisy pins. There are a few others in the set that are probably around my room somewhere. If I find 'em, I'll throw them in no charge (update: found another one not pictured) - $5
  4. Pikachu's Pokepark Adventure for Wii - $20
  5. Left 4 Dead 2 for Xbox360 - $10
  6. Pokemon Ranger for DS - $10
  7. Spectrobes for DS - $2 (or i can throw it in free if you get something else)
  8. taken
  9. Canine tail. Has seen a little wear and tear and been to 3 cons but still cute. Has small seam rip that should be easy to fix. I can show you exactly where it is in person. Two belt loops - $15
  10. Canine ears on headband. Buyer might want to put them on a new headband. - $10
  11. Cute little fox keychain. White and yellow fur, has a keychain clip. Really cute on a purse and backpack. Has seen some wear and tear. - $8

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