Trouge and Rails - New Experiences by Setsune

Trouge and Rails - New Experiences


25 August 2018 at 09:16:11 MDT

For context, watch this video:
Omochao's gotten ahold of something a little weird; now Tails and Rouge are in for a wild day!

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Item Sources:
Rouge and Tails by KabalMystic, with significant modifications by Tahlian
Omochao and Sandwich by RandomTBush, Apoc Hedgie, and Hyperchaotix
Magic Wand by III_OrilaS_III
Cupcake Tray, Champagne Plate, Coffee Cup by TheMask
Vending Machine by s_prop
Beach Ball by Barbell
Rising Magic particles by Sheepers
Map mu_springbreak by ReazuDrolfsky and Beelzebub

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