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Chakona - Television news by sethtriggs

Chakona - Television news


Every sizable city on Chakona has its own news channel, sometimes even competing channels. Some news channels broadcast breaking news 20 hours a day. Just like on Earth of the past, there are anchors in a studio for each programme, along with numerous field reporters (sometimes partnered with a global news agency). Channel 5 News Linx is one such news channel, broadcasting from Knightsport. The station is provided over the hypernet in 'podcast' format, and can be viewed on news kiosks and TV screens in various and sundry establishments.

The "green screen" behind the presenters is generally used to display remote news feed (from electronic news gatherers). Synchronisation of the news presenters with the action on the screen is aided by the use of silhouettes from the news feed. The silhouettes allow the presenters to be correctly aligned and interact 'naturally' with the screen, so as to simulate a face-to-face conversation with the remote reporters if necessary. The presenters may also read the news information from a prompter mounted to the camera. Station control information is displayed on a roving monitor on the floor, so that the presenters can receive their cues or know when a break is coming up in the programme.

The Chakona setting is © goldfur.

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    Oh nice, another great tidbit about Chakona and a great pic with it.