A Dream of a Day by Seracen

A Dream of a Day

Seracen lay in the nest, awkwardly resting on her side. She was snoozing lightly, tail wrapped around herself a little. The reason for her more uncomfortable sleeping position was quite clear at a glance: she was heavily pregnant, belly round and filled with a large clutch of eggs. The nest was soft though, and padded well enough that it was cosy enough, even for a heavily-pregnant dragoness.

The black dragoness tired easily these days, what with the weight of the eggs and the difficulty of moving around. Her mate, Femzy, had taken their three hatchlings out for a little walk to give her time to rest without distraction or interruption, and it had been a very pleasant nap. Now though, there were noises approaching the entrance to Sera and Femzy’s home, and the black dragoness gave a yawn, stirring. She didn’t sleep very deeply with the clutch, and it didn’t take all that much to wake her.

Chirps and squeaks sounded, growing louder as Seracen opened her eyes and gave another, larger yawn. With a groan and a little bit of struggle, Sera sat herself up, her rump still laying down. It was the only way to really sit with her belly, but it was comfortable enough. Blinking back the remnants of sleep from her eyes, she waited a little.

The sounds from outside the cave grew louder and louder until the shapes of three hatchlings burst into view, scampering around and chasing one another as they played. The larger form of Femzy, their other mother, was a little way behind, following at a slightly more sedate pace.

Each of the three hatchlings were quite distinct, two female and one male. One of the females had brightly multicoloured fur, swirling around in patterns of orange and black. Her sister had Femzy’s orange fur through and through, though her scaleless body more closely resembled Seracen’s own form. The male hatchling was black, but had lines of scales along his snout, legs, and wings, much like Femzy did. All of their aspects were represented in the little dragonlings.

Upon seeing their mother, Seracen, there was a series of happy meeps from all three of the hatchlings. They stopped chasing each other and instead bounded forwards, Seracen lowering her head to greet them. She purred and the hatchlings purred back as they nuzzled against her muzzle, occasionally letting out a meep or excited squeak.

Seracen nuzzled back for a few moments and then moved her paws. Two of the hatchlings were too quick, darting away before she could touch them, but the multicoloured female was just a little slower. She gave an indignant squeak as Seracen held her gently, the black dragoness lowering her head and beginning to groom her daughter with long licks through her fur.

The hatchling squirmed and wiggled, but gave up on trying to get away. She gave a long whine, enduring the impromptu bath with an air of great suffering. Seracen let out a low crooning purr of a sound as she groomed the hatchling, only looking up briefly as Femzy entered the cave.

“We went all the way to the meadow,” Femzy said with a smile, giving her mate a brief nuzzle as she lay down beside the black dragoness in the nest.

“To the meadow!” Seracen said, pausing in her licking to nuzzle at the hatchling instead. “That’s a long walk for such little legs.” She bent back down, grooming over the hatchling’s wings before finishing up with a satisfied purr.

The moment that she was done, the hatchling’s wriggles and squirms ramped back up until she finally escaped Seracen’s paws, scampering a few paces forwards and then turning. Fluffing herself up, the multicoloured hatchling spread her wings a little, making herself seem as large as possible. She arched her neck, staring up at her mother, and then gave a squeaky sound that would one day be a fearsome roar. Femzy watched, smiling, as the hatchling tried to roar again, all floofy in an attempt to be frightening.

Contritely, Sera lay her head down on the ground, blinking at the hatchling. The multicolored hatchling stalked up to her mother’s muzzle, raising a paw threateningly. Seracen just blinked again as the hatchling, with a rather imperious air, raised her paw even higher. Then, she brought it down on Seracen’s nose in a bap, before jumping back. Seracen just let out a small puff of air that ruffled the hatchling’s fur.

Seeming satisfied with the punishment that she’d given, the multicoloured hatchling bounded forwards again, giving Seracen’s nose a little nuzzle before attempting to scramble up her muzzle. She managed it, seating herself in between Sera’s horns, the hatchling’s tail wrapping around one to steady herself.

“Was the meadow nice?” Seracen asked Femzy, raising her head slowly so as to not dislodge the hatchling from her favoured spot.

“Mhm,” Femzy murmured, giving Seracen another nuzzle. “Lovely weather; perfect clear skies and warm sun. The little ones had a nice time playing in the grass.”

“That true?” Seracen asked the hatchling on her head, smiling and looking up. The hatchling looked at her upside down and chirped a response. “I’m glad you had fun. Sorry I didn’t join you.”

“It’s okay, love,” purred Femzy. “You need your rest. You’re carrying quite the weight, after all.” Her tail curled around, the tip stroking at the curve of Seracen’s egg-filled belly.

“Maybe we can go to the stream in a little bit,” Sera suggested. The stream was much closer and easier for her to get to, as well as being one of the favourite places of the hatchlings to play. Well, when they weren’t crawling over their mothers, that was.

The black hatchling was currently amusing himself by chasing the tip of Seracen’s tail, which was flicking back and forth idly. He kept pouncing at it, barely missing or catching it, only to let it go. Femzy’s tail started doing the same thing and he alternated between them, happy little growls sounding as he chased and played.

As for the orange hatchling, she was acting more sedately than the other two. After greeting her mother when she’d entered the cave, and leaving her sister to be given an unwanted bath, she’d bounded her way into the nest. There she’d slowed down and approached Sera’s round belly with a great deal of care and attention.

Out of all three of the hatchlings, she was the one that seemed most enamoured with Seracen’s progressing pregnancy, and the one most concerned with the changes. As her mother’s belly had grown, the orange hatchling had been concentrating more and more on it. She approached Seracen’s grey scales carefully, nosing against her carefully and then pressing a paw lightly against her hide.

Moving around the circumference of Seracen’s belly, she looked for marks, occasionally nosing gently at a spot or pressing in a paw to feel the firmness of an egg just beneath the surface. A quiet stream of coos and purrs left the hatchling’s throat as she did her work.

Seracen moved her head around slowly to watch, smiling as her daughter examined her. She was too young to really know what that belly meant, but perhaps some maternal instinct of the hatchling’s was already stirring a little, or else the natural desire nesses had to protect one of their own while gravid.

Only when the orange hatchling had gone around Sera’s side twice did she seem satisfied that her mother was okay, scampering back around to Femzy’s paws and leaping over them before snuggling into her body and fur with a soft chirp.

Meanwhile, the male hatchling had grown tired of chasing his mothers’ tailtips, and instead tried to run up along Seracen’s tail. Balancing precariously, he managed it, clambering up onto Sera’s body. He gave a proud chirp, liking the additional height. He spread his wings and flapped them a couple of times before progressing a little further along Seracen’s haunch.

The multicoloured hatchling chirped from the top of Sera’s head, prodding at her with a paw and chirping again. “Alright,” Sera said, lowering her head so that her daughter could jump off. Meanwhile, the black hatchling continued his travels up his mother’s body.

His feet dug into her belly a little, making Seracen wince uncomfortably as the little paws pressed in. Femzy noticed right away. “Alright, off of there,” she murmured, picking up the hatchling gently in her jaws. He gave an indignant squeal as he was lifted and deposited on Femzy’s own back, huffing lightly and scampering up and down her instead.

“Thanks, love,” Seracen said, nosing at Femzy and then laying her head down in the nest again. The multicoloured hatchling gave a purr and licked at her muzzle, giving a clumsy kiss next. The orange hatchling gave her a nuzzle too, settling herself down next to Sera’s muzzle. The black dragoness purred and gave her a lick back. “They still have a lot of energy,” she said to Femzy. “Should we get going to the stream? They’ll be ready to sleep when we’re back, I’m sure.”

“If you feel up to it, hun,” Femzy said with a smile. The male hatchling tried to scramble up her neck and she lowered her head a little to make it easier. He seated himself firmly between her horns, tail curling around one of them. Flapping his wings a couple of times, he gave a tiny, high-pitched roar, now the tallest in the room.

“I’m well rested,” Seracen purred, nudging her hatchlings a little. “Let’s get going while the weather stays nice.” She nosed the hatchlings out of the nest, Femzy depositing their son onto the ground before standing up. He gave an indignant huff and chased after one of his sisters, prompting a round of squeals and scampering.

With a groan, Seracen pushed herself up, using the side of the nest a little to help. She had to take a moment to steady herself as the weight of the eggs shifted inside her. Femzy moved forwards a little, just in case, but Sera smiled. “I’m okay,” she said. “Let’s get going.”

They set off out of the cave entrance, the hatchlings running about. They seemed to have a game of almost getting underfoot, scampering and leaping around just in front of their mothers’ steps. The going was rather slow on account of Seracen. She was too heavy and far along to fly there like they might have done in the past, and she wasn’t fast on foot either. Still, the slow pace was good for the hatchlings as well.

The path they were on was rather well worn; they came this way often, for a drink or for play. It wasn’t a terribly long way, certainly less than down to the meadow that Femzy and the hatchlings had visited earlier. Usually the little ones would have been tired out from that alone, but they seemed to have extra energy on this particular day.

More so than Sera did at least. She was panting long before they actually reached the stream and slowed down a couple of times to catch her breath, but made it in the end. The trees thinned a little bit, leaving a small area of soft grass on either side of the stream. The water ran quick and shallow here, splashing over rocks and small stones. Some of the stones stuck up and were high enough to stay dry, and the hatchlings went for these immediately, using them to bound across to the other bank without getting wet.

In this season, the water was far too cold to actually swim in, especially as it came from melted snow and ice. Femzy sat herself down on the grassy bank, just a moment before Sera lowered herself with a long sigh, leaning against Femzy as she awkwardly lay down, squirming until her belly was semi-comfortable. “Ahhh,” she purred, nuzzling at her mate. “This is nice…”

The sun shone warmly on their fur as Seracen let out a soft purr, nuzzling in under Femzy’s chin as they watched the hatchlings play. They were making a game of leaping across the stones from one side to another, then chasing each other across the banks, over and over.

Femzy purred back and licked between Sera’s horns lovingly, coiling their tails together as they watched their hatchlings frolic about. Sera squeezed her tail with a churr, rolling into Femzy just a little bit more to get her belly more comfortable. The ground wasn’t anywhere near as soft as the nest, but it was okay for a little while. Femzy lay her wing over her mate, drawing her in a little closer.

Sera’s purrs got a little louder and she licked gently at the soft fur of Femzy’s throat. They rested like that for a while, just watching the hatchlings as they played. Then, there was a squeal and a splash. Both Femzy and Sera jerked and looked up to see the orange hatchling leaping through the cold water. She’d obviously slipped off one of the stones while being chased and was now soaked through with the chilled water.

As soon as she reached the bank, she ran over towards her mothers with a long whine, shivering hard already. “Aw, poor thing,” Femzy cooed, making a little bit of room between herself and Sera. The hatchling dove into the space at once, nestling into their fur and their warmth. She poked her head back out, giving a little whimper that was quickly soothed as Femzy bent her head down to nuzzle at her. The hatchling’s shivering stopped quickly like that, though she didn’t seem keen to return to playing with her siblings.

They were still having fun, the black hatchling getting bored with chasing his sister and instead turning to sniffing things along the bank. He wasn’t straying too far though. His sister, the multicoloured hatchling, was staring at the water, standing on the bank.

Cautiously, she reached a paw into the water, letting out a quiet yelp as she felt the icy chill, but persevering. It wasn’t very clear what she was doing until she succeeded in fishing out a small pebble from the stream. She examined it carefully and then picked it up in her muzzle with a muffled chirp. Bounding across the dry stones, she approached Sera, still holding the stone.

“Another one?” Seracen cooed, the hatchling dropping the stone carefully by her mother’s paws. For some reason that neither she nor Femzy knew, their daughter had taken a keen interest in collecting small rocks and pebbles, especially smooth ones, taking them back home to a growing collection. “I’ll keep it safe for you,” Sera said, putting her paw over the stone. The hatchling chirped happily and settled in beside her, tail flicking idly.

They stayed there a while longer, but it was clear the hatchlings were getting tired after their long day. The black hatchling eventually came over with a yawn, sitting down too. “Perhaps it’s time to get back,” Seracen murmured to Femzy, stirring a little herself. “The little ones need a sleep, I think.”

“You’re right,” Femzy churred. “Let’s head on back…” They stood, the orange hatchling giving a little squeak as her warm space disappeared, but all of the hatchlings stood with them. The multicoloured female carefully picked up her pebble as well, holding it gently in her mouth.

There was far less scampering and running around on the way back from the stream. Their energy was almost gone now, the hatchlings staying close to their mothers and keeping pace, if only just. More than once, one yawned and stopped, only to be nosed back into walking by Sera or Femzy. “Almost there now,” they murmured, urging the hatchlings on just a little further.

When they did reach the cave entrance, the little dragons got a little bit more energy back from being home, darting inside with some more meeps and squeaks. They didn’t go for the main nest this time, but into a side room. This little room was for the hatchlings alone, when they needed to take naps in the day. They preferred to sleep with Femzy and Seracen in the main nest, but that wasn’t always possible.

The hatchling’s room was mostly taken up by a nest in the centre, just large enough for the three of them to share comfortably. The black hatchling didn’t waste any time, climbing over the edge of the nest and flopping down into it. A few moments of squirming and he was on his back, eyes already closed. The orange hatchling followed quickly, yawning widely before closing her eyes, curled up against the side.

The multicoloured hatchling took a moment to go to a corner of the room though, where her rock collection lay. It’d been arranged into careful rows, though how she organised it neither Femzy nor Seracen quite knew. There was definitely a system though; she whined and flapped her wings in distress whenever any of them were moved from their order. This new pebble from the stream was placed near one end, the hatchling nosing it carefully into place before yawning widely.

“In you get,” Seracen purred, nosing her towards the nest. “You can take care of it later.” The hatchling gave a little huff but stumbled tiredly towards the nest. She flopped in without bothering to curl up, simply laying on top of her siblings. That prompted a bout of squirming and huffing from all three until they were all cuddled up in a tangle of wings, legs, and tails.

Femzy gave a purr, nuzzling each of the hatchlings in turn before heading out of the room, Seracen following her, tired herself. Walking with the eggs had taken a lot out of her, even only going to the stream and back, and she sprawled out in the larger, main nest with a sigh. Femzy came in after her, nuzzling her mate’s cheek and purring deeply. “That was a fun morning,” she churred, Seracen nuzzling her back.

“Certainly was,” she purred back, giving Femzy a kiss.

“I’ll go out hunting in a little while,” Femzy murmured, pressing her cheek to her mate’s. “Bring back some food for you, and the hatchlings.”

“That’ll be nice, dear,” Sera purred, giving her a kiss. “Thank you.”

A Dream of a Day


14 February 2020 at 02:32:20 MST

This is a story with me and my mate   zynothrexel featuring us and our three lovely hatchlings. It's a nice little SFW story based off of a dream that I had a long while ago now!

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