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Trans Day of Remembrance

So, I thought that it would be good to mark this day with a journal. It is Transgender Day of Remembrance which comes at the end of Trans Awareness Week. It's a day to memorialise all of the trans people lost to violence, and to a lot of people also a day to remember those lost to suicide as well. Not really a happy day but one that I feel it's very important to mark and raise awareness about.

I've spoken a bit about my own struggles with mental health and being hospitalised in previous journals. The common statistic that's thrown about the internet is that 40% of trans people will attempt suicide in their lifetime. I am one of them, but that statistic is far worse than the already horrific number; it's near impossible to count the number of people that have succeeded.

This is such an important day for so many reasons. Transphobia and violence against trans people has been rising, and the suicide issue is still a huge problems. I've spent a lot of nights trying to talk people down from killing themselves, and people have had to do the same for me.

Trans people are natural and raising awareness and acceptance DOES help. Today is a day to mark all of the lives lost, in the hopes that the number of new names gets fewer every year. It's an important thing to me so I thought I might as well use my platform to spread this message :) Say safe and well, everyone.

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