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My name is Mackenzie, and I'm a junior in high school living down in Texas. I go by MANY nicknames, some of which being Mac, Macki, or simply Sensei.
I am an entirely self-taught artist, save for the few tutorials I look up once in a while. I've been drawing for about six years, starting at the very bottom with hardly any talent at all. To be honest, I think by now I'm pretty darn good. But I still have a lot to learn.
Other than art, I play the violin, practice English horsemanship, RP, and I cosplay.
"But, Mac, you're into anime and dress-up?! That's so childish!"
I am. I don't feel this is an issue, however, because it is simply an interest. It's something I like to do, just like you might have interests that might not appeal to me. Cosplaying itself is a huge part of my life, because it boosts my self-confidence and it makes me feel like I belong somewhere. I even got my little sister into it! Other cosplayers are like my second family!
So yes. Um... let's see.
I've been cosplaying for about two and a half years now, and I've really skyrocketed these past few months, what with making costumes and researching characters. I have a knack for sewing, so hopefully I'll make even MORE costumes in the future and in college!
My favorite TV shows would have to be Scrubs, Doctor Who, Attack on Titan, Hetalia, Fullmetal Alchemist, Danganronpa, The Office, A:TLA, and Ouran High School Host Club.
My favorite animal is a peacock, with canines and big cats tying second. Dragons are my favorite mythical creature- like literally don't even talk to me about dragons I will never stop fangirling over them.
UMM... I might just start typing in caps if I get to be a good friend of yours- don't be scared! And I am a hopeless romantic- I'll swoon over random things that catch my fancy.
If you are interested in anything else, visit my tumblr, or just ask! I'm nice, I promise!

SenseiMac @ DeviantART

Sensei-Mac @ Tumblr





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    thanks for the fave! :D

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    Bonjour! I'm honored to have another follower- thank you so much!

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      Ah, it's no problem! You have gorgeous art; I hope to draw as well as you someday! <3

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        awe shucks thank you! And as far as gorgeous art it looks like you're already there <3. Keep it up I believe in you! I'm liking how your Zoroark is looking so far :)

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          Ahhh really?! That means a lot to me >w< And thank you for the compliment and follow! <3